Scary contact lenses for this Halloween!

September 10, 2013 1 Comment

So this Halloween you can go two ways with your look; the goody, angelic Disney character, or the scary, evil hated baddy. Well whichever way you choose to go, we here at MesmerEyez can help you complete your look. We have a wide range of Halloween contacts, different coloured contacts (e.g. red, orange, pink etc.) and many more! We also have a collection of scary contact lenses, and today we shall go through some of the lenses which you may be interested in for your Halloween this year.

My number favourite from the scary contact lenses section is the Saw White coloured contact lenses. These crazy looking contact lenses are bound to get you noticed in any crowd. These can be used as the vampire eye look or the zombie eye look, or any other crazy eye looking creature. If you know you want to be extra dramatic and you really do want to stand out then try these Saw White coloured contact lenses.

My next favourite is the Red Sclera coloured contact lenses. Create a truly striking effect with these MesmerEyez Red Sclera Full Eye Coloured Contacts which are designed to cover the complete eye. These full eye coloured lenses are very popular in the movie industry and will really give you a freaky new look. The centre of these soft Sclera lenses is transparent allowing for the wearing to see through the centre. These Sclera Full Eye Coloured Contact Lenses are designed to fit most eyes although these full eye lenses, the visual effect produced is amazing. These sclera full eye contact lenses have no decreased or increased vision powers added to them making them non-prescription and suitable for all eyes, your vision will still be normal, Our unique red sclera contacts have been used in many movies, making them popular everywhere so why not try them too?


We have many more you can choose from so check our collection of scary contact lenses as they will surely come to sue this Halloween!

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October 23, 2013

Do these contacts come with prescription?

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