Red contact lenses!

September 10, 2013

One look that I think would look absolutely great on anyone and everyone is the vampire look! This look can be easily achieved by using some of our red contact lenses which are always a big hit at this time of the year.  Using these red coloured contact lenses, you can also dress as a zombie and many other things. These red coloured contact lenses will make you stand out from any crowd, may it be at a family gathering or a club party. Let us go through some of our red contact lenses that would look amazing this Halloween.

Create a truly striking effect with these MesmerEyez Black and Red Sclera Full Eye Coloured Contacts which are designed to cover the complete eye. These full eye coloured lenses are very popular in the movie industry and will really give you a freaky new look. The centre of these soft Sclera lenses is transparent allowing for the wearing to see through the centre. These black and red Sclera Full Eye Coloured Contact Lenses are designed to fit most eyes although these full eye lenses, the visual effect produced is amazing. These sclera full eye contact lenses have no decreased or increased vision powers added to them making them non-prescription and suitable for all eyes, your vision will still be normal. Just try these contact lenses and you will look absolutely freaky, and the one who needs to be feared.



Or try the Evil Daze Sclera Contact lenses which will, as the name says put anyone in a true daze. These contact lenses out of all of the red contact lenses sold here at MesmerEyez is one of my absolute favourites, and I have to admit the reason is that they are sclera which adds the to the whole atmosphere but the combo of colours an pattern are very unique!


These are only two of my favourite contact lenses from the red contact lenses range, but we have many more, so be sure to check them out before the day arrives so you can have your outfit complete!


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