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Scary Contact Lenses | Scary Contacts | Scary Coloured Contact Lenses for Halloween

White Out Colour Contact Lenses
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Blind White Contact Lenses Colour Contact Lenses
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Bloody Red Contact Lenses Colour Contact Lenses
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Black Out Colour Contact Lenses
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Manson Colour Contact Lenses
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Lavender Colour Contact Lenses
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Wild Cat Colour Contact Lenses
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Devil Colour Contact Lenses
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White Mesh Colour Contact Lenses
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Screams of delight start with Scary contact lenses


That’s the sound of someone screaming their little lungs out, just seeing you in your set of Scary contact lenses.

Why are you laughing?

Well, it seems like those scary contacts have worked even better than you thought when you bought them.

Now, you’re not going all out to give someone anything close to a heart attack BUT when you want to look spooky, kooky, haunting or devilish in any way, there’s nothing like scary eye contacts to pull it off.

Your ghostly look, your demonic eyes or your freaky WTF look is all the more powerful and possessed with a fabulous pair of scary contact lenses working for you.

That WTF is not what you think – it’s Wickedly Terrifying Fun that you are going to have.

Responsible wear of Scary Contacts

The thing to remember when you are wearing anything like scary contacts is that you have a responsibility to use that power for good fun, not for cruel reasons.

None of that – “Let’s see if my housemate wets the bed if I wake them up in my new scary eye contacts?” The answer is probably ‘Yes’ and you might have to pay for a new mattress.

You are not allowed to ‘pop out of nowhere’ wearing scary contact lenses either, especially when it is Granny or your four year old nephew or niece.

Again – use the power for a light-hearted laugh only. You don’t want to have to take out your special freaky coloured contacts to ring an ambulance.

The range of strange and haunting lenses is all yours

Now we’ve got a bit of a ground rule set, it’s time you got all ready with a set of scary contacts that you can use for your next fancy dress party.

The selection includes everything from straight out Scary, such as;

  • Devil, Wolf, Vampire and Snow Beast

To Freaky lenses like;

  • Dead White, Bloodshot Drops, Hell Raiser and Psycho

All the way up to seriously scary as;

  • Red or Black Sclera, White Mesh and Haemorrhage

Now you can see just how much of a freak-out you can cause with a simple set of scary eye contacts in.

How much of the freak factor you want to go with is entirely up to you.

Inspiration for a killer costume

The great thing about coloured contacts is the transformation they give you. Sometimes it’s hard to even recognise yourself in the mirror.

The bonus of a super set of scary contacts is that you can build a great costume around the look they give you. That’s incredibly fantastic, especially when you are struggling to find an outfit that will work for a fancy dress or Halloween.

Just think of how good you can look if you have the right pair of freaky lenses on your side.

A zombie or living dead character goes to a whole new level with a scary set of something like Stitched Mummy contacts in. That’s where the lenses can give you the perfect inspiration for a winning outfit.

Imagine getting stuck with a blank page of ideas and then you see something fiery like a pair of Red Rage lenses. Now you’re thinking blood sucking Draculas and blood curdling beasts of all sorts of descriptions.

You could be on your way to Best Dressed for Halloween or that fancy dress party in next to no time.

Halloween, Cosplay and Fancy Dress is all yours for the taking

There’s no need to second guess how good you can look in Scary contact lenses.

Whether it’s for Cosplay, Halloween or any fancy dress where you want to make a seriously freaky entry – you can’t beat the shocked looks you see when you walk in the door in a killer costume.

That’s where those scary contacts give you that extra edge and send people over it. Watch everyone else do everything from double takes to jumping back and high-pitched shrieks and jaw drops. That’s when you know you’re on a winner.

The great thing is that Colour Your Eyes have a sensational range of seriously scary contact lenses and they’re all quality contacts.

None of that cheap and nasty crap. You get EU quality checked lenses so you know your party look is all good to go. The added value is that you get that top quality without spending top dollar and they’re ready to go whenever you are – that’s online, anytime.

Get your freak on right here and now. All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.