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All Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses


Why are Solotica coloured contact lenses so special?

It’s the quality of the range and the array of colours that are bewitching and beguiling.

When you buy Solotica contact lenses, you know you’re getting the height of excellence. These are the top brand and top sellers for more than one reason.

It’s a quality that runs through everything that Solotica do to make their outstanding lenses.

From the manufacturing processes to the quality system certification, Solotica contacts meet the most stringent European standards.

It’s nice to know that the range of beautiful lenses is all backed with special CE certification.

A total transformation

When you’re wearing Solotica coloured contact lenses, you’re not just changing your eye colour – you’re transforming yourself.

The looks are captivating and you’ll feel that special buzz inside you when you see yourself reflected in the mirror. You’ll feel it getting stronger with the reaction of others when they see your new look and the mesmerising magic in your eyes.

It’s no wonder that Solotica lenses have been such powerful little wonders for so many years.

Get the Wow factor now!

There’s no need to sit there wondering how good Solotica lenses are to wear.

The bewitching collection of Solotica coloured contact lenses are available right here and now.

You can choose from a rich palette of shades and special colourings.

From the deep emerald green of Esmeralda to jewel-like tint of Topazio or the beautiful brown to grey sensation of Ocre lenses or the shimmer and glimmer of Cristal contacts – there’s a set of magical eyes waiting for you.

A look that lingers

Just wearing a pair of Solotica coloured contact lenses will give you the chance to leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet.

Whether it’s at a party, a social event, a networking event or you’re just wearing them to add a little spark to your life, these are the contacts that create an impact.

One thing’s for certain, you will get noticed and you will be remembered for those ‘special eyes’.

A change worth making

Give yourself a treat and add a little magic to the way you look. It’s easy when you buy Solotica contact lenses. Just order your pair (or two) and see how a little thing like a pair of quality coloured contacts can make a difference to the way you carry yourself and the reaction of anyone you meet.

It’s simple and it’s fun to get a look from almost everyone.

Wouldn’t you enjoy a bit of extra attention, not to mention give your confidence a little boost?

You can get the ball rolling now when you colour your eyes with Colour Your Eyes.

A new look you is ready online, anytime!

Don’t be surprised if you get more than one pair. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing which colour is best.