Mad contact lenses for this Halloween!

September 12, 2013

Do you want to be the mad looking one this Halloween? Are you finding it difficult to get yourself completely ‘mad’ looking? Missing that final touch? Well, we here at MesmerEyez will be able to help you achieve any look, with the use of our diverse coloured contact lenses. We also have a collection of ‘mad’ looking contact lenses, which if you use, you will be able to obtain any crazy look you desire! Let us go through some mad contact lenses you can try for Halloween this year!

My first personal favourite in our mad contact lenses collection is the White Mesh contact lenses. Give your friends and family a true scare this Halloween by wearing these White Mesh contact lenses. These contact lenses are truly scary and freaky looking and they will definitely get you noticed in any crowd. These contact lenses have an all-white mesh in, but you can still see in them. They will instantly transform you in some crazy looking dude if that’s what you want this Halloween!

My next favourite has to be the freaky Alien coloured contact lenses. These are truly mad looking and they will definitely get you noticed in any crowd. Where them with a costume, or on their own, whatever the plan, they will look absolutely fabulous! Completely covering the natural eye these coloured contact lenses will make you look like you just come off a film set from star wars! These contacts lenses will certainly make you look unique and the one to beat!

Or try our Blood shot contact lenses, which look very realistic! They will give everyone a true fright and a real scare which will definitely be a job well done this Halloween! They will go with any outfit you may have, but if you don’t have one you can also base any outfit ideas around these contact lenses! Anything will work!

Remember all of our contact lenses and easy to wear, and they will your eyes feel fresh and hydrated all day! Be sure to check out our mad contact lenses collection as we have a big variety in which you will definitely find one you love!

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