Why Halloween Contact Lenses Aren’t Just For Halloween

Why Halloween Contact Lenses Aren’t Just For Halloween

March 12, 2020

Why people can’t stop wearing their Halloween contact lenses

Dressing up has always been fun, but dressing up AND being able to push the costume to the edge is just the ultimate. That’s why there’s hardly anyone who passes up the chance to wear their pair of Halloween Contact Lenses.

It’s a horrible feeling and a total letdown when a great party is over – that goes double for a great Halloween or fancy dress occasion. 

Halloween contacts let you keep a bit of the magic going for the next time it’s dress-up time.

The buzz of Halloween

If only the good times could last forever.

Well, maybe not. There wouldn’t really be a good time if it was always a good time, but it is still a little annoying that fun has to end.

Picture it – 

  1. You’re all dressed up in a killer costume for a fancy dress party or Halloween. 
  2. You’ve been looking forward to it for months now and then the big night arrives. 
  3. All the preparation and all the excitement builds into the moment you walk in the door and Boom! Everyone’s eyes turn to you and they gasp in admiration.
  4. The other guests come over to greet you and BAM! They’re all hit by your amazing Halloween contact lenses – Wow!! 

That Wow factor is yours. There are people stepping back in shock and in awe that you look so striking. Some are even guessing that you spent time with a professional make-up artist. 

There could even be a few jealous looks your way, but what do you care? You’re looking a million bucks and you’re all set for a great night. 

The tricky part of ending a party

The party all goes brilliantly. You have hours of laughs, dancing, even a D&M with a good friend and then it’s all winding down.

Next thing you know, you’re looking in the mirror at home and you’re taking off your outfit, the wig and make-up and whatever else and then you see the magic of your Halloween contact lenses one last time. It’s that moment before you take them out and put them in their special little case. It’s a sad end to a great, great party.

Yeah – boo hoo!

Now that’s exactly when you should book yourself in for the next fancy dress, or better yet, call one yourself and don’t ghost it – Host it!

Grabbing the chance to party on

You don’t have to let the Halloween or fancy dress magic disappear into thin air.

Like you, everyone is itching to get another opportunity to dress up again. That’s why there’s costume gatherings for everything from Mardi Gras night to Eurovision parties. It’s pretty much any excuse to get together and get a costume together. 

The thing that you can’t afford to skip is the coloured contacts. 

They make any outfit;

  • Brighter
  • Bolder
  • More glamorous
  • More fabulous
  • Just better in every way

Don’t forget your little assortment of Halloween contact lenses are a big winner and a way to stay memorable the next time the invites go around.

That’s why you have to keep your Halloween contact lenses in tip top condition and always have a pair or two handy. Who knows when the next party might pop up?

Your new best friends when it comes to a Fancy Dress costume

There are some seriously super pairs of Halloween contact lenses out there.

Yes, you can go the full Spooksville in all Black lenses or White Out contacts but remember there are wicked little winners like Dead Red lenses for any beast, werewolf, witch and whatever creepy character you’re going as. Then there’s the Blind Bloodshot Drops look that is picture perfect for a Vampire, Zombie or any blood sucking type of creature you can think of.

This is where Halloween contact lenses are worth every cent – actually, they’re just absolutely awesome because in reality, they shouldn’t cost you the earth.

You’ll have hours and hours of fun wearing them and you will find any reason to pull them out and pop them in. The magic transformation is pretty addictive. 

The most magical of all coloured and Halloween contact lenses

Don’t waste another minute trying here, there and everywhere to get your hands on the best coloured contacts around. They’re all ready and waiting for you at Colour Your Eyes.

These are the top quality lenses everyone is looking for and now you can get them at a great price.

Get your Halloween look happening any day you want it. 

It’s easy as – all you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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