How A Simple Pair Of Coloured Contact Lenses Can Make Your Day

How A Simple Pair Of Coloured Contact Lenses Can Make Your Day

March 14, 2020

Coloured contact lenses are your ticket to a transformation

It can be almost mind-blowing how a pair of coloured contact lenses can change the way a person feels and the confidence boost they can bring.

We’re not talking about some sort of mind bending episode where someone puts in a set of coloured lenses and then thinks they can fly.

It’s not that a nerdy bookworm is suddenly going to sing out loud in public because they popped in a pair of coloured contact lenses. It’s a subtle but sometimes substantial change that is just a simple case of feeling a bit bolder.

A few examples to ponder

It might seem a stretch of the imagination to think how someone changes by wearing a pair of coloured contact lenses but it’s pretty clear how it can work.

First up is the clear evidence that someone can feel different by wearing a different outfit.

It could be anything from;

  • A new dress or shirt
  • A new colour that they rarely if ever wear
  • A different cut of outfit – tight-fitting or baggy clothes or longer dresses or shorter skirts
  • A completely different style of clothing – casual streetwear, a suit & tie, any headwear

We’ve all had a friend or colleague who suddenly pulls a fashion twist and they don’t just look different in their new get-up, they act differently.

Sometimes this can bring out a more light-hearted or engaging side to their personality and sometimes it can tip them over into the over-confident, even obnoxious group.

One thing you can’t deny is that the outfit is part of a bigger transformation. It can last for just a few weeks or it can be a piece of a life changing puzzle that clicks together.

Great price with the certified quality approval

Then there is the less obvious change that can come with using coloured contact lenses.

It’s usually a simple case of just bringing out a braver and fun-loving personality trait.

Not everyone is an extrovert (thank Heavens for that) and even the more extroverted of them are often pushing the self-confidence to the max because they are really introverts deep down.

How does wearing coloured contact lenses play out in both of these teams? Pretty simply.

  1. The shy or introverted person gets to play at getting attention
  2. The extrovert shows they can take it up a level
  3. The fun loving, gregarious type just grabs their chance to spread the joy
  4. The serious type gets their chance to have a laugh and let their hair down

It works for almost any personality type in different ways. That’s the beauty of coloured contact lenses – it can only do what you want it to. There’s no unearthing an evil side by wearing devil lenses or being taken over by wearing possessed coloured contacts. Just relax and enjoy your own show.

A change in your nature with natural lenses

Here’s a less dramatic version of changing your outlook by changing your eye colour.

Natural coloured contact lenses are a subtle way to make a change to your appearance and attitude. There are countless numbers of people with one eye colour who wish they had the chance to have different coloured eyes just for a day.

Now they all can make the change.

Bored with blue eyes? Shift the shade to brown, green or grey.

Brown eyes getting you down? Switch up to blue or any number of the lighter colours.

With the range of colours available these days, these many ways to transform your eyes. You can feel fresh and a little more confident with just a twist to your tint.

Fancy dress and Halloween contacts

When it comes to dressing up for a fancy dress party – that’s Halloween, New Year’s or any party with a theme – you can’t go past coloured contact lenses for a killer look.

A witch with black eyes is going to wipe the floor with all those other witches. 

A zombie with walking-dead coloured contacts is a dead-set winner.

Any vampire will look bloody amazing in bloodshot lenses.

There’s any number of winning combinations;

This is a chance to step out of the comfort zone. Don’t think twice about letting yourself go a little.

You might want to think about what you’ll say when you pull off the award for ‘Best Dressed’.

The whole point is that coloured contact lenses can give you a little kick of confidence or bring out a bit of a daring side of you. You’ll be hard pressed to stop grinning with your winning new look.

Grab yourself a pair of the best coloured contact lenses from the quality range at Colour Your Eyes.

You can make your day or night one to remember when you Colour Your Eyes.

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