Get The Magic Touch That Comes With Beautiful Brown Contact Lenses

Get The Magic Touch That Comes With Beautiful Brown Contact Lenses

March 03, 2020

How brown contact lenses can make your life sweeter

If you aren’t blessed with brown eyes, then you’ve probably wished your eyes were. 

The good news is that you don’t have to wish anymore – you can get that magic look with a pair of brown contact lenses.

There’s something simple about wanting brown eyes. It’s only natural that people want the natural beauty that brown eyes deliver.

There seems to be endless shades and tints of brown that can bring something special to someone’s eyes and to everyone who sees them.

Why wouldn’t you be a little jealous of someone with that heart-melting magic?

Why Brown has a special meaning.

The colour brown brings to mind feelings of warmth and comfort. No wonder chocolate is such a comfort food – it’s brown and makes life sweet. That’s what the right pair of brown contact lenses can do for you.

There’s a rich, deep and meaningful look that can only come with brown eyes. 

Dare to be different and you could choose a sexy, sultry style or give a flirty fascination to your look. The selection of shades ranges from haunting to hypnotic.

The lowdown on the best shades of Brown 

If there’s one thing about brown contact lenses that make them all the more valuable, it’s just how many great shades there are available.

Bored with your blue eyes? Go for a sensitive shade

Had enough of your hazel eyes? Make the mood a tasty one with a mocha colour.

Here’s just a sample of some of the most popular and powerful tints of brown around;

  • Honey Gold – nothing sweeter
  • Coco Brown – a luscious look 
  • Chocolate Chai – dreamy romance
  • Sandy Brown – for soft and inviting eyes
  • and Soleko Solitaire’s Spice – that sparkles with seduction

You’re spoiled for choice and that’s one of the great things about coloured contacts. Spoil yourself and get a second or even a third pair for an extra splash of inspiration.

The Sky’s the limit and you’ll look like a star in your new brown contact lenses.

The subtle sensation of a true transformation

There’s a little trick you might like trying before you’re buying your new brown contacts.

It’s a handy way to get a jump start on the look you’re after before you’ve really begun the changeover.

Here’s the thing to remember – you may not be sure if you haven’t gone down the brown peeper road before.

Grab a few different outfits in different browns – even a scarf or pair of shoes can help you here. 

Go with as many shades as you can find, then…

1. Head to a mirror 

If the bathroom one isn’t quite big enough you can always try it in a full length bedroom mirror or by the front door if you have one there.

2. Get up close

You need to see your face and how it changes with each shade, so don’t be self-conscious.

3. Put the shades up 

This is where you will notice which of the shades of brown works best with your colouring.

4. Pick your favourites

Don’t rush things – go over the colours a few times and remember to ignore the natural colour of your eyes because it’s your overall face and hair that will bring out the best browns.

You can go one step further and find one or two outfits that will work best with the shades of brown you’ve chosen. Earthy colours work well, but don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. After all, you’re trying to break out of your old ways and try something new. 

Hello? It’s time to say Hi to a new you.

Where to get the best coloured contacts to wear

Sadly, there are some cheap and nasty coloured contacts on the market these days. They usually don’t last too long but you still need to be careful. Always go with a reliable brand and a trusted supplier. 

It’s just not worth putting your eyes in any danger. 

With coloured lenses from Colour Your Eyes, the only danger you’ll be in is getting too much attention.

These are the coloured contacts that come with full professional certification.

That’s UK made, EU quality certified lenses and produced to special ISO International standards. 

Whether it’s a pair of alluring brown contact lenses you’re after, beautiful blues, gorgeous greens and greys or the most amazing array of Halloween contacts you’ve ever seen – Colour Your Eyes is the name to remember.

The best of the best coloured contacts are ready and waiting for you. 

There’s only one thing you need to do – that’s Colour Your Eyes

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