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The Frighteningly Freaky Look You Get Wearing Blind White Contact Lenses

April 16, 2020

Why you’ll never forget the sight of someone in Blind White contact lenses

You can see why people go out of their minds seeing Blind White contact lenses for the first time.

It’s more than just the freak out effect of having no colour showing in those eyes.

It’s more than the all-white weirdness.

It’s probably because these contact lenses are the closest thing to looking possessed.

Talk about send a shiver down the spine. These contacts are so friggin’ freaky you’ll need to wear ear plugs because you will make people scream. And that could be some of the men!

Why the weird-out effect?

Just think about it.

Everyone who has looked into a pair of eyes has seen a brown, blue, green or grey coloured eye looking back at them. Whatever the shade of the iris – that’s the coloured bit – there is also the dark of the pupil. The only real surprise is seeing an unusual tint of the eye colour or, on very rare occasions, different coloured eyes.

That’s where the surprise is going to end – usually.

Then there’s turning to someone and looking at their face only to find a pair of ALL WHITE eyes. No colour, just the whites of the eyes. Yep, time to peel someone off the ceiling or help them up after fainting on the spot. That’s a full on freak-out! Perfectly understandable response when you see Blind White contact lenses with your own two eyes.

Where did the idea for All White lenses come from?

Some say that the scary All White contacts came from horror films like the original 1960 movie ‘Village of the Damned’ about a group of creepy children who can read people’s minds.

Then there were the first TV shows and movies about the undead and they almost always had all white eyes to scare the shite out of viewers.

It doesn’t really matter because these days Blind White contact lenses are still scaring the bejangles out of people. They are perfect for Halloween and Fancy Dress outfits when you’re dressing up as;

  • A Zombie
  • The Possessed
  • Any Witch or Warlock
  • A Vampire with an edge
  • A classic undead character

The list goes on but your outfit will go off with the added magic of Blind White contact lenses.

A little word of warning

Whenever you’re wearing your new pair of Blind White contacts, make sure you tell your friends and family about them – especially the older ones.

One important thing is you WILL freak yourself out when you first see yourself in the mirror. Doesn’t matter how brave or cool you think you are, these are the lenses that will flip you out Big Time.

Remember, you’re used to seeing your own eyes looking back at you. Even when you wear natural coloured contacts the first few times, you get surprised seeing the new colour in the mirror.

Forget surprised! You will be seeing all white eyes looking at you! It’s easy to forget that it’s actually you and not some zombie standing there.

Handy Tips to make your Blind Whites go alright

There’s a few things you can’t afford to forget when it comes to wearing Blind White contact lenses.

  1. Take a deep breath before you put them on – you will need that calming effect
  2. Go to the loo before you see yourself in the mirror because your pipes might give way
  3. Don’t jump out from behind the door at someone or it’s ambulance time
  4. Have fun! It’s a dress up so live it up a little

You can look freakin’ awesome with the right costume.

The Best Quality Coloured Lenses

Whatever coloured contacts you buy, always get a pair that are top quality.

Whether it’s Natural, or freaky Blind White contact lenses, White Out contacts or Black Out lenses, you can have EU quality certified lenses that meet strict ISO International Standards. The last thing you want is to risk damage to your eyes with untested, el-cheapo branded contacts.

Grab yourself a pair from the best of the best at Colour Your Eyes.

An outstanding Halloween or a Fancy Dress outfit is easy when you Colour Your Eyes.

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