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Nothing Beats The Thrill Of Finding The Best Black Sclera Contacts Cheap

April 18, 2020

Get Yourself Freakin’ Beautiful Black Sclera Contacts Cheap But Not Nasty

Some people think that Sclera is Italian for scary – it isn’t, but when you see how frighteningly good these all black lenses look, you’d think so too.

When it comes to the freakiest coloured contacts you can’t get better than a pair of the coolest black contact lenses.

This is ‘shiver down the spine’ style. Will they put someone in a cold sweat – you bet your bitcoin!

There’s something magic about black, and black eyes are the way to use the power for good and one hell of a good time.

Get ready to look freakin’ awesome and go a little wild.

Black Eyed Peaks of Perfection

Let’s face it, everyone is looking to outdo everyone else when it comes to a fancy dress or Halloween outfit. Not in a cruel way and not to be mean, but just to grab a little of the limelight.

The winning edge is all about knowing how to find the extra Wow factor. That’s where a pair of black Sclera contacts cheap, but not nasty ones, can make your day – or night.

Whatever you might think of All Black eyes and how you imagine they will look is nothing – that’s a big ZERO – on exactly how breathtaking and earth shaking they are in real life. Dead set winners in a winning fancy dress look.

What exactly are Sclera lenses? Exactly how do they work? Here’s where a bit of extra info can give you an extra advantage in the Best Dressed stakes.

  1. You don’t look like anyone else
  2. Once someone catches a look at your eyes, they are hypnotised (or maybe fainting)
  3. No-one is going to forget your face
  4. It’s almost like cheating because any outfit goes straight to amazeballs no matter what

Just remember that when you first look at yourself in the mirror, you will get a shock but that will be double for everyone else because they’re not expecting it.

What are Sclera lenses?

Let’s start with what is Sclera?

In human eyes, the sclera is the white part of the eye and the coloured part is the iris.

That’s the basics of it all. The Sclera is all white in humans, but in other mammals the part of the Sclera you see matches the colour of the iris. That means the white part doesn’t normally show.

So this is where the impact of having Black Sclera lenses in gets its freaky power. There is no white – not a bit of it so the whole eye is black.

You can start to see why Black Sclera contacts can really scare the pants off someone and cause hearts to jump and people who don’t normally scream to shriek like a schoolgirl (and that’s some of the guys!)

Can you find quality Black Sclera contacts cheap?

The short answer is - Yes.

Just be a little careful though. In case you don’t know, there are some seriously shiphouse coloured contacts out there and some Sclera lenses will sink your hopes.

Make sure you get proper quality contacts that have been approved by a proper authority and come with a legit certification. No-one wants or deserves to suffer eye damage, so do your homework first.

You want lenses that have a high water content and come in strictly sterile packaging – otherwise, give them a big fat miss.

You can find quality Black Sclera contacts cheap and there’s one name that stands out from the rest.

The outstanding collection from Colour Your Eyes

Don’t waste your time and money with just any supplier. Head to the best of the best and colour your eyes with Colour Your Eyes.

Whatever your Halloween or Fancy Dress costume;

  • Vampire or Witch
  • Zombie or Alien
  • Creepy character or something from the Dark Side

You’ll look 10 times better and scarier with black contacts working for you.

And talk about quality lenses – these are UK made, EU quality approved and certified lenses.

Whether it’s a pair of full on Full Eye Black Sclera lenses or a toned down version of Mini Sclera lenses – you’ll be full on freaky.

There’s only one place you need to go and one thing you need to do – Colour Your Eyes.

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