colored contacts for dark brown eyes

The best colored contact lenses for brown eyes and where to find them!

November 15, 2020

There’s a special range of colored contact lenses for brown eyes and hazel ones too

When it comes to colored contact lenses to choose, remember the shade should always color your judgement.

Your natural eye color is a key to what will work best and what will stand out.

If you have light colored eyes then light colored contacts can give you a subtle change. If you’re after colored contacts for dark brown eyes, then a paler contrast can really make an impact.

It all depends on what effect you are going for. Some want to blow people away with a “Here’s the new me!” look, others want to move a shade darker or lighter in a softer “Did you notice anything different?” change.

The great thing is that a top range of colored contacts will give you a world of choice.

Time to transform your brown eyes

Maybe you’re looking into your own brown eyes and wondering if you could make a little change or even a full on transformation.

You can! It all depends on three key elements;

  1. The shade of your natural eye color
  2. How dramatic a change you are looking for
  3. The quality of the colored contacts

Not all colored lenses are the same quality and that has a bigger impact on the impact you want to make than you might realise.

If you buy a cheap and low-quality brand of colored lenses then you’re only going to get disappointed. This is especially true when you’re looking for colored contacts for dark brown eyes.

Getting the wrong brand can mean little to no change in your eye color because your natural eyes are too strong for the weak and cheap lenses you’ve just bought. It’s often a case of wasting both your time and your money.

Going for quality lenses will bring a better result and the good news is that you don’t have to pay a huge price for really good colored lenses these days.

Start at the beginning

Taking a moment or two to have a good long look at your natural eye color can help you no end. It’s the best place to start when you’re looking to change the color of your eyes.

You’ll notice – or at least you should – that the shade of your skin and hair also have an important part to play in how your eyes look.

Most people know that dressing in different colors has a different effect on the color of your eyes. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing your shade of colored contact lenses for brown eyes.

If it’s your first time wearing colored contacts, it’s a good idea to go for a subtle change to start with.

Which are the right colored contact lenses for brown eyes?

For the best in a subtle change of color to your own shade of brown, then hazel is a top choice.

Certain hazel colored lenses can give you a lighter brown that has hints of gold or yellow in there. That can be an intriguing look. You haven’t strayed too far from what Mother Nature gave you but you will have a little bit of magic working for you in hazel colored contacts.

To be a bit more daring, you could move into the world of green eyes.

Going with a vibrant green like an Emerald, Regent or Jade green can really take you places. It won’t be too stark but it will give you a stronger change.

When you’re after green colored contacts for dark brown eyes then it’s a good idea to go for something a little bolder like Lime, Olive or a Topaz.

When it comes to going blue in color, you have a great variety to choose from. The key is to make sure you think about how strong the brown of your eyes is. Some people think that blue contact lenses won’t work on brown eyes. They can and will if those blue lenses are vibrant enough. Depending on the shade of blue and the color of your brown eyes, the blue can look very different.

Light blue colored contacts for dark brown eyes can give you amazing dark blue-brown eyes. With light brown eyes, any of the bright blue contacts can turn your eye color into a special sea blue. That’s pretty special and you will get noticed.

Choose more than one or a Win/Win result

If you’re caught up with a few great choices, remember you can always choose two or three pairs in a 1 Day version of the colors you like and see what works best for you and what gets the best reaction.

Don’t get caught thinking that because more people have brown colored eyes then it means brown eyes are boring. Far from it and that’s thanks to having the best colored contact lenses for brown eyes at your disposal.

You can get fully tested and approved colored contacts, that’s EU quality certified lenses that you can keep in safely in their own special case in a special saline solution. 

With a huge range of quality lenses ready for you, what are you waiting for?

All you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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