best color contacts for dark skin

Shining a light on the best color contacts for dark skin

November 15, 2020

It’s easy to think how hard it is to find the best eye lens color for dark skin

If you’ve been blessed with dark skin then finding the right colored contact lenses is no drama.

There were times when it was hard to work out what worked best for different skin colors. Were darker shades the best color contacts for dark skin and paler colored lenses better for lighter skin tones?

It’s easy to think that deeper, richer colors go better with richer, darker skin but that depends what effect you are going for. Here’s a few handy tips to help you make up your mind and enjoy the fun and transformation of colored contacts.

How rich is rich?

There are different shades of dark skin. How rich is yours?

This is a key question to choosing the best eye lens color for dark skin or even olive complexions.

There are different types of dark skin and the colors can be thought of as ‘cool’ or ‘warm’.

Cool dark skin has undertones that ‘cool’ the color. These are anything from pink, to red, and sometimes undertones of blue. It is the same effect with hair, clothing and even paints that have an undertone. Most shades with undertones of blue or grey will cool that color. Dark skin is affected in the same way.

Warm dark skin has the warm undertones of yellow, peach or even orange. These give the skin a warmth and underlying glow that can be highlighted with the right colored contacts.   

There are some dark skins that have a mix of warm and cool. This means a neutral dark skin which can make the most of the middle of warm and cool coloring.

The shade of color contacts that enrich your dark skin

Dark skin can be made to look even more beautiful with the right colored contacts.

This is when brighter colored contact lenses can showcase your dark skin perfectly. It all depends on how much a contrast you’re after.

If you want a subtle change to your natural eye color that will show off your rich, dark skin, go for;

  • Deep Greens like an Emerald Green
  • Hazel or Caramel
  • Honey Brown or Honey Gold

Looking for a stronger contrast? You can make a real impact with a choice of;

  • Violet or Amethyst
  • Grey Green, Coral or Sea Green
  • Diamond Blue, Blue Slate or Two Blues make a strong statement.

The great thing is that you can choose more than one set of colored lenses. This gives you a chance to find the best color contacts for your dark skin and a choice of an everyday look and a special party style.

With the right colors, you can really make your eyes glow with your skin tone.

Say hello to a drop dead gorgeous look whenever you want it.

Some colors to best avoid

As with any natural eye color and skin tone, there are some colored contacts that won’t work as well as others for you.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dark skin tone, then you can’t go wrong with opaque colored lenses. These will help bring out a new shade from your natural eye color. It doesn’t work as well for all the greens and blues though.

It’s best to steer clear of something like aqua, mint or pink coloring. None of those are the best eye lens color for dark skin. Of course, you can wear whatever colored contacts you want, but you can show off your dark skin in better ways than a straight out ‘slap in the face’ effect.

It’s a good idea to keep your natural eye color in mind. Most dark-skinned faces are matched with dark eyes but some have lighter eyes. That means you can go with a darker set of colored contacts if you’re looking for a more seductive or sophisticated look.

Colored contacts mean being seen in a whole new light

It’s important to remember that colored contact lenses look different on different shades of skin and in different light. What’s the best color contacts for dark skin depends on the skin tone and lighting.

If you want to check what your new colored contacts look like on you, then wear them under different lighting conditions. We don’t mean heading to a movie set, we mean under low light or bright lighting.

It’s easy to check the differences by grabbing a hand-held mirror and moving into different rooms with different lighting. You can go from the bathroom to the bedroom then the kitchen to see how your colored contacts change.

This is when you can see how subtle or strong the transformation is. You can tell what works well for a party and what works for everyday wear.

You can even try different colored lenses in each eye to see which you prefer as you move through the different lighting areas.

Get the beauty of dark skin with colored contacts happening now

Imagine having the best color contacts for dark skin at your disposal.

You can get the top colored contacts on the market heading your way today. You want lenses that are fully tested and approved. Colour Your Eyes gives you a huge choice in EU quality certified lenses that can make the most of your beautiful dark skin. 

Get ready to blow people away with your brand new look.

All you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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