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It is scary how good you can look in the perfect pair of Halloween contact lenses

August 28, 2020

Halloween contact lenses are the special magic ingredient for any Halloween outfit

It’s a crime to get all dressed up for Halloween and not wear a pair of Halloween contact lenses.

You could be looking at a $5,000 fine or a 12 month community work order… well, no you won’t, but it’s such a wasted opportunity that it should be a crime.

Let’s face it, you go to all that trouble to look your freakiest, scariest or weirdest and then you don’t put on the proper finishing touch? What’s going on with that?

It’s a dress-up occasion and there’s no point missing out on the special magic that comes with wearing some seriously freaky and fun coloured contacts.

Make your Halloween by breaking out of your shell

Halloween is the perfect time to remind yourself of that crazy, kooky and even a bit of the wild side to your personality.

There are days when you’ve probably been sitting there thinking of doing something a bit ‘out there’.

You’re in the office, making a cup of coffee in the tea room and you want to break out into a little dance. You may have even done it. Then someone else walks in and you drop the funky feet. Wouldn’t it be great if a few of you could have a tea room dance party just there and then?

Not a long party – hey, you’ve got work to do – but a couple of great tracks to enjoy.

Then you think about unleashing some of that extrovert inside you when you go out.

What better time and place than at a Halloween party?

You can go all out kooky, spooky or whatever you want AND you’re practically anonymous because you’re all dressed up.

There aren’t really any excuses not to let the party animal out of its cage – well, at least the fancy dress party animal.

Some seriously freaky looks to consider

There are some great looks you can come up with for Halloween or any fancy dress when you come to think of it.

You can go really freaky these days and nothing helps take things up a notch in the costume department than a great pair of Halloween contact lenses.

There’s the looks of horror and amazement you’ll get when you wear a pair of black contacts is one thing. The jaw dropping shock you give in Black Sclera contact lenses is something stronger. These little wonders are all black – yes! All black eyes looking at you. That’s enough to freak anyone out.

Put in a set of Black Sclera contact lenses and you are all set to get squeals and screams from anyone who spies those spellbinding eyes. Careful you don’t freak yourself out the first time you put them in.

It doesn’t end there. You can go from anything from a Snow Beast to a Vampire, Wolf, Zombie… you name it and there’s a pair of coloured contacts to make your outfit into something outstanding.

Crystal blue contact lenses are something that are super intense. There’s a whole hypnotic magic about the dazzling blue. The great thing is they are light and soft to wear but pack a serious punch when it comes to getting noticed.

The special thing about Halloween contact lenses is they can be both the perfect finishing touch to a costume or the perfect spark of inspiration. With a great range of quality contacts to choose from, you have the chance to create a killer outfit for Halloween or any fancy dress.

Only get the Halloween look that’s good enough

Don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your Halloween costume and that means getting top quality Halloween contact lenses too.

You and your eyes deserve to be protected whilst looking amazing.

Choosing EU certified lenses is your best bet. All you need to do is keep them safe and clean in their own case with a special saline solution. 

Whether you go for the full freak out of Black Sclera contact lenses or the frighteningly bright, crystal blue contact lenses, Colour Your Eyes is your best choice for Halloween contacts.

Talk about variety! And you won’t ever need to doubt the high-quality.

Colour Your Eyes has the ultimate in great Halloween contact lenses ready and waiting.

It’s scary how good you can look when you Colour Your Eyes.

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