natural coloured contact lenses

How do you find the most beautiful look in natural coloured contact lenses?

August 22, 2020

When you’re ready to colour your eyes, choose quality natural coloured contact lenses

Whenever you’re looking to change your eye colour, take a moment to think first.

There are a few key things that you’re going to want:

  • A great variety of colours to choose from
  • True quality lenses
  • The great look that was promised

Get set for a fantastic look in a set of Solotica contact lenses.

There’s no point settling for second best and there’s no need.

Solotica have been a leading name for ages. They are a worldwide winner with the hottest looks in natural coloured contact lenses. All you have to do is choose what colour will suit you best. The only trouble is deciding on just how many pairs you want because you will probably want them all.

The variety of natural coloured contact lenses will amaze you

Variety is the spice of life, so it’s no wonder that Solotica lenses give you such a hot look.

We’re talking spicing up your world big time!

Forget the idea of simple shades. With Solotica contact lenses, you get a whole world of the coolest colours that will give you a unique look.

You can try everything from: Ocre to Topazio, Ice, Cristal or the vivid power of Verde. There are a wide range of winning colours that could be yours.

You can stop thinking about how hard it will be to change your look to how easy it is to get that magic look happening today.

The coolest blues and sweetest browns you can imagine

Don’t think for a moment that you have to spend a huge amount to get yourself a world-class pair of natural coloured contact lenses.

There are some truly special blends of colour that will give you an eye catching look every time you wear them. These aren’t just natural lenses, they’re almost supernatural in their draw power.

You can have a striking blue like Misty Blue that is the perfect mix of subtle and seductive.

What about diving into a pair of Sea Green eyes? That’s another spellbinding shade to consider for a special change of colouring.

Of all the beautiful brown coloured contacts, comes the heart-melting magic of honey contact lenses. Oh, the sweet brown hue – it makes for an incredibly captivating you.

If you want a look that will get you plenty of the best attention, put your money on honey.

Four keys to opening the door to a special look

Getting the wow factor has never been easier thanks to natural coloured contact lenses.

Here are a few handy tips for choosing a great natural colour to move to:

  1. Find a colour that you like and a shade that works well with your own eye colouring. That means going for a lighter colour if you’re already dark and a darker one if you have light coloured eyes.
  2. There is more to your colouring than just your eyes. Remember to make the most of your skin and hair colouring by enhancing or contrasting with what you already have. Light goes well with a crystal or misty blue and honey contact lenses look amazing with olive and darker skin and hair tones.
  3. If you want to be cautious or subtle, go for a shade like your own but just a shade or two lighter or darker. It can very effective and very attractive.
  4. You can always take your new coloured contact lenses for a bit of a ‘test-drive’ by choosing a few pairs of 1 Day lenses and then get a longer lasting pair for the looks you love.

Try not to get too worried about finding your perfect choice, but it’s a great idea to ask someone who has tried coloured contacts and learn from their experience (and even their mistakes).

One definite No-No is to go for poor quality coloured lenses. That’s just asking for trouble.

As an example – Solotica contact lenses are quality contacts that you can trust to look great and feel safe and comfortable to wear.

Don’t spend up big, spend quality time

We can’t really say it enough. You can risk eye damage and infections with el cheapo, dodgy lenses.

The other thing is to only buy from a proper and reputable supplier. Don’t fall for the trap of some great price that actually means a terrible product or worse, that you never see the delivery at all.

That’s where a top supplier like Colour Your Eyes stands out with an outstanding range of everything from Natural coloured contact lenses to the best in Halloween, Cosplay and Fancy Dress contacts. You’ll get fully tested contacts, like EU quality certified lenses that you can keep in their own special case with a special saline solution. 

Colour Your Eyes brings you the best of the best at a great price too. Looking fresh and fantastic is easy.

All you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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