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5 Reasons Why Of All The Coloured Contact Lenses Out There, Honey Contact Lenses Are The Sweetest

July 31, 2020

For a great party look or Halloween magic, get a set of coloured contact lenses

Whatever the occasion – whether it’s Halloween or a fancy dress – don’t mess around, it’s time to get a pair of coloured contact lenses.

No-one wants to just look like everybody else. Nobody wants to be stuck in a time warp where you wear the same clothes and hairstyle. No need to worry, because now is the time to take advantage of the great looks you can get from the best coloured contact lenses going around.

Forget that major overhaul and those horrible major makeover shows – they’re so over! You don’t need to change your entire wardrobe and head in for some drastic plastic surgery to look good.

(Who needs to look like a freaky fish that’s been sent through a wind tunnel anyway? No thanks).

There’s a little trick of the light that works a treat on almost everyone. That’s how coloured contacts work and they can work wonders.

The magic and the mystery of coloured contact lenses

With a pair of eye catching coloured lenses in, you can have that added spark and sparkle. There’s a whole array of stunning looks that you can choose from and you can capture the light or have your own special shimmer going on. It all depends on what you want and the shade you go for.

Take the smouldering look you get when you colour your eyes with a pair of honey contact lenses

This is the perfect mix of sweet and sensual that just drips with a desire to know who it is behind those hypnotising eyes.

  1. You will smoulder with the warmth of these lenses
  2. You can be sweet as – well… honey of course!
  3. You can take the sensual factor up a notch or two
  4. You have the chance to be a little flirty and a little bit of a minx if you want
  5. You won’t ever remember how shy or coy you were before you wore honey contact lenses

There’s something entrancing about the shade, like it’s been made especially for you.

Wear a pair on your next date or intimate dinner and watch everybody else start to drool over those creamy, dreamy eyes of yours. The excitement is all yours in your new pair of honey contact lenses

Don’t get put out or put off by other lenses

There’s one or two important thing to remember when it comes to coloured contact lenses.

Don’t go for just anything.

Sadly, there’s some really dodgy coloured contact lenses out there and some equally dodgy operators.

First off, remember to check that the coloured contacts you’re buying are good quality lenses. There’s no point buying cheap and nasty crapola because you’re risking the health of your eyes and wasting your time and money.

It’s not unusual to be caught with a really poor quality pair of lenses and then realise that you can’t even get your money back because the supplier is just as dodgy as the lenses they’re selling.

Do some homework before you put anything into your shopping cart.

It’s a good idea to look for;

  • Real reviews that are legit – not just three over-the-top raves from employees
  • Quality certification and approvals
  • A simple and easy to follow website that has a clear refund or replacement policy
  • A proper point of contact and not some weird looking email address that goes nowhere

Always follow your instinct. If it looks too good to be true, then steer clear.

If you can’t find much about the lenses or worse, the supplier, then you are taking a risk with your money, your details and maybe even your eyes.

Check out the range

It’s not really rocket science, but any good supplier of coloured contact lenses should have more than a few pairs of lenses to choose from.

That means everything from something straight forward like quality Natural lenses, something a bit more sophisticated like honey contact lenses and special collections like Halloween coloured contacts.

If there are only a small selection to look over and they don’t look that great anyway, then take your business elsewhere.

When it comes to a fantastic pair of Halloween or Cosplay lenses, make sure the same quality runs through everything they sell.

They might offer something as simple as Black, White or Red Halloween contact lenses, but it’s only three or four pairs of each. Sorry, that’s just not good enough. You deserve better.

Get quality and get it quick

There is a place that sells high-quality coloured contact lenses right across their huge range.

You can get everything from sensational shades of blues, browns, greens, greys and yes! The sweetest looking pair of honey contact lenses too.

You also have a whole world of Halloween lenses to make your costume a real winner. Not just black and white but great red Halloween contact lenses as well! You can go from Angelic Blue to Hell Raiser, Bloodshot Drops, Full and Mini Sclera and Blind lenses that are full-on freak out fun.

Whatever you buy, you’ll get the best in quality. That’s EU tested and certified quality lenses. 

Where and how can you get all these amazing looking coloured contacts?

Colour Your Eyes is the answer.

The greatest new looks are all ready and waiting.

All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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