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Get The White Contact Lenses Halloween Lovers Love

July 03, 2020

Why White Out Halloween contacts are one of the best fancy dress coloured contact lenses around

Want the freakiest freak-out factor working for you? Get a pair of White contact lenses for Halloween.

No-one in their right mind wants to look like everybody else at a fancy dress.

So-so is a No-No. That’s a rule that any Halloween or dress-up party guest needs to know. It’s a time for you to stretch your imagination and go with something that is at least a little ‘out there’.

We’re not talking about having blood capsules in your mouth that you bite down on to let the red river flow from your lips. That’s a step too far.

If you’re going as a vampire, a witch, a zombie or any other freaky character remember not to go half-hearted with the costume. Don’t forget that coloured contact lenses are your best friend for fancy dress up.

White Contact Lenses, Halloween Hit!

Nobody really knows why white coloured contact lenses work so well.

Experts have been trying for years to discover the special secret… Okay, no experts have done any research on which coloured contact lenses are the most powerful or jaw-dropping.

You just have to think about it and you can see why seeing a pair of white eyes is so friggin’ freaky.

Everyone is used to seeing a variation of blue, brown, hazel or maybe green eyes but even an unusual shade of natural colours can be pretty captivating.

Then you clap eyes on someone with white eyes – of course, you’re going to jump back or just stand there staring. 

Even at a fancy dress party where you know people are going all out to look sensational and even a few trying to outdo one another – seeing something like a pair of white out Halloween contacts is going to rock you or even shock you.

Three sure ways to look freakin’ awesome at a fancy dress

To be in the running for Best Dressed at your next Halloween or fancy dress party, you need to go with the three key ingredients for a killer costume.

  1. The outfit has to be as outstanding as you can make it. Do a plan and go all the way with it
  2. The hair (or the hat) has to be tops. Most people are looking at what’s above your shoulders
  3. The eyes – the window to the soul and all that – this is where you can do all that magic

Try to think of an outfit that suits you and you’re pretty sure you can pull it off. Oh, and make sure you can put it on. No point walking around feeling annoyed and uncomfortable all night when you’re supposed to be having fun.

Do the full freak job with your hair or make sure that hat or headgear is amazing. Normal hair is a big minus on a fancy dress outfit. It looks like you forgot about it or couldn’t be bothered.

The eyes are the focus and they can bring out the best in the outfit. 

For example, imagine a zombie or freaky beast with the weirdest eyes. You’re going to remember that character alright. You’ll see that when you wear a pair of white contact lenses Halloween dreams can come true. 

Your zombie outfit or beastly wonder is going to look soooo much better than anyone else.

To go the full on fright night, you can try a pair of white out Halloween contacts. That’s where the whole eye is just one dead straight white colour. It’s a whole lot of freakiness.

Join the queue for quality coloured Lenses

Whatever coloured contact lenses you go for – just go for it.

If it’s a natural colour you’re after, then choose something you’ve always wanted to try. If it’s Halloween or Cosplay lenses, then be a bit of a devil – it’s the perfect chance to show your wild side.

One super important thing is not to go with cheaply made and dodgy coloured contacts. Always and we mean always make sure your lenses are a true quality pair. 

Check that they are properly tested, like EU quality certified lenses. It’s not worth the risk of damaging your eyes. 

Colour Your Eyes has the top coloured contact lenses you can trust.

A sensational Halloween or Fancy Dress outfit is waiting. Just Colour Your Eyes.

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