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Why Halloween Contact Lenses Are Winners All Year Round

June 30, 2020

The fun never ends with Halloween contact lenses

You gotta love dressing up. 

Pop stars, movie stars and party goers all love doing it. Even your shy friend or relative can suddenly come out of their shell when there’s a dress up occasion.

That’s when a great pair of Halloween Contact Lenses makes all the difference.

Hang on! Halloween contacts are just for Halloween!

Like hell they are and don’t let other people tell you otherwise.

The fun factor that Halloween contact lenses bring you

Yes, Halloween is pretty friggin’ fantastic.

The only small problem is that it only comes around once a year. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the fun and freak out factor that Halloween contact lenses can bring you.

Whenever you get the fancy to get into a fancy dress outfit – go with a pair of Halloween contacts.

Whether you’re the Fancy Dress host or you get a lucky invite doesn’t really matter. What matters most is going full-on with the fun of it all.

Dressing up as a robot, French maid or pirate is all fine but there’s something about going all out as a Zombie, Vampire or Freaky character. That’s where Halloween contact lenses are your best friend.

Make it more than one night of frighteningly good fun

Don’t let the Halloween or Cosplay fun be stuck at level one. Here’s your chance to make more of the freaky time. That’s where choosing 3 monthly contact lenses makes perfect sense.

You don’t want a one-night standard pair of lenses when you can milk that magic for weeks or even months. Getting a pair or two of your new favourite 3 monthly contact lenses means you can enjoy a few parties and be the dress-up hit for longer.

Maybe you want to try out a few different looks in the daily option and then progress from there.

Suddenly that one night as a black eyed monster or full red Sclera eyed devil seems too good not to try again and again.

A Classic Halloween or Fancy Dress Outfit

There are some super special fancy dress costumes you can put together. One thing to remember is that coloured contact lenses make all the difference to a world beating outfit.

Here’s just one example for you to remember. It’s the classic zombie outfit that works wonders and it goes something like this:

  1. You tear up some old clothes (and always check that no-one is actually going to wear them) 
  2. You tease your hair into a sculptured mess or you get a freaky wig (or dirty cap)
  3. Go nuts with the dark eyes and blood spattered face make-up.
  4. Add some special touches to your arms, legs and even go with big zombie feet
  5. Add in a pair of zombie Halloween contact lenses – Bingo!! 

It’s the little things that matter and you’ll see for yourself when you pop in those heart-stopping Halloween contact lenses. It takes a really good zombie look and makes it an absolute killer outfit.

You can do it for any freaky costume you choose and even mix and match two different pairs.

The great thing is you can even buy by the use-by date, like;

  • 1 Day or Night,
  • 1 Week,
  • 3 Monthly contact lenses
  • Or even Yearly 

The fun can last as long as you want it. Just make sure you keep your lenses stored safely in a special contact lens solution and case.

Whenever you need a break from Halloweening

If you want to take one step back from amazing Halloween contact lenses, you can always go with the ultimate in natural colours and buy Solotica contact lenses.

Maybe it’s a party when you want to be a little subtle or you just feel like a new look to inspire you.

That’s when a pair of coloured contacts in natural shades can do some magic.

Solotica is a great brand when it comes to the best in quality coloured contacts. Try a pair and you’ll get that special something you’ve always wanted.

You just need to buy Solotica contact lenses to see what a difference they can make.

Where do you get the top brands in coloured contact lenses?

The ultimate in Natural and Halloween contact lenses

It’s easier than ever to get your hands on the best coloured contacts around. They’re all here waiting for you at Colour Your Eyes.

Top quality lenses with a great look for everyone and always at a great price.

Get your new look happening today. 

All you need to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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