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A Guide For Shy People Who Want To Wear Halloween Contact Lenses

July 06, 2020

Why Halloween contact lenses can be the best thing for shy people

Would you love to come out of your shell for Halloween or a fancy dress? Get yourself a pair of Halloween contact lenses and you’ll never look back.

It’s perfectly fine to feel a bit shy in front of strangers. Even the most outgoing people can be bluffing their way through with a whole lot of bravado.

Ask any extrovert if they’ve ever felt a little nervous about heading out to a party and the answer – the really honest one that they may only whisper – is yes.

That little nervous feeling is a little harder to conquer if you’re shy.

It’s a bit of a shame to think that someone who would love to dress up would rather give up and stay home than go to a fancy dress or Halloween party. That’s where coloured contact lenses come to the rescue.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a special guide for the shy types who would secretly love to get up and dress up.

Small Steps on the Dress Up journey

The great thing to remember about any costume party is that you’re not going as yourself. You have the chance to be a character or even a creature and throw away your worries about not fitting in.

There are a few steps to take to overcoming your hesitation. They don’t follow a specific order but here’s a rough guide to follow:

* Tell yourself that you are ONLY going to wear the costume at home and not in public. 

   This takes a whole lot of the panic and worry out of the whole equation.

  1. Have a look at different characters you can dress up as. Choose a few that excite you and have something special about them.
  2. Study the different costumes then choose the one that you think you can pull off as an outfit. (Don’t overthink it or you’ll sink the idea). Ask a good friend for advice.
  3. Get your whole outfit together. It needs to be good but it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t need to spend a fortune. That’s where a great pair of coloured contact lenses can make all the difference.
  4. Have someone you trust help you get dressed up and have a laugh about it. It’s a fun thing to do and not a job interview.
  5. Check yourself in the mirror and only THEN put in your special coloured, Cosplay or Halloween contact lenses.
  6. Now ask yourself – Do you feel different? Does it look like you? If the answers are No then yes, you are ready to go. Now you have a great outfit that you know you can pull off.

If you’re still not sure about going to a party in your new costume, then take a quick photo of yourself and put the outfit away for a day or two.

Check your happy snap later on and you’ll be surprised at how good you can look and how easy it can be to feel free of any shyness.

Then it’s time to hit that Halloween or Fancy Dress party!

The final tip is to tell yourself that you’re only going to stay for 10 minutes. Yes – just 10 minutes. If you feel really awkward or just silly, you can head home. If you don’t (and you probably won’t) stay for another 10 minutes and see how it goes.

Before you know it, you could be having such a good fun that you forget the time PLUS you have your costume and anyone else’s to chat about as the perfect ice breaker.

It’s Quality Time

Maybe Halloween contact lenses are a step too far and you would rather choose a natural shade of blue or brown coloured contact lenses. 

Just remember that whenever you’re buying coloured contact lenses, Go For Quality.

Choose properly tested ones, like EU certified lenses and keep them in their own special case with a special saline solution.  

If you have blue eyes, you can change to brown. You can choose from some amazing brown coloured contact lenses. There’s even grey and green if you want something even more unusual.

Colour Your Eyes has the top coloured contact lenses ready and waiting.

You can have a hell of a time coming out of your shell. Just Colour Your Eyes.

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