Fortnite inspired Halloween coloured contact lenses

September 14, 2018

The fortnite flu has become a real thing and needless to say, most of us have it! I’m actually obsessed with fortnite right now.

Halloween is creeping up on us and I’m so excited, words just cannot explain, aren’t you? Halloween is always one of the most exciting times in the year. Who else is already thinking about their Halloween outfit? This year, you all have to look your best and go all out. It would be right on trend and a really impressive idea to go dressed up as a fortnite character and embracing our current trends. Everyone loves the game and everyone is going to be in love with the fortnite outfits. Some of the best fortnite inspired Halloween outfits are listed below:

fortnight inspired halloween scary black out contact lenses

This is one of the most epic outfits of the fortnite game, the skull trooper would make a brilliant outfit for Halloween. The skull trooper look is super easy to create and the blackout contact lenses from the brand MesmerEyez, compliment the look so effortlessly.

Adult Skeleton outfit – Buy NOW 

Black out contact lenses – Buy NOW 

These black out lenses would also compliment the bunny brawler outfit.


Skin Sclera scary halloween coloured contact lenses MesmerEyez

Wukong is a mythological solider outfit which is very impressive indeed. It’s not a typical Halloween outfit, making it that little more brilliant. The mythical outfit paired with MesmerEyez sclera blind contact lenses will have everyone looking. The sclera skin lenses are some of the scariest lenses around, they are absolutely brilliant and could make any Halloween outfit amazing

Wukong outfit – Buy NOW 

Skin Sclera contact lenses – Buy NOW 

 If you wanted to recreate either of the love ranger or the Raven look, these ski sclera lenses would also be perfect for them.


golden vampire halloween scary coloured contact lenses

The Shadow ops character has a very sexy look. This attire is inspired by a female secret agent.  If you’re a female gamer this look will be perfect for you. It demonstrates a bit of both your gamer chic side as well as showing your sexy chic at the same time, what’s more to ask for? The look is completed with some cat eye contact lenses by MesmerEyez that will have you looking stunning, you’ll be a secret agent; grabbing all the attention.

Covert agent outfit - Buy NOW

Golden vampire contact lenses - Buy NOW 

An alternative sexy fortnite character is Rook, if you wanted to recreate her as your Halloween look then these golden vampire contact lenses by MesmerEyes will match very nicely.


soft green scary and sexy halloween coloured contact lenses


Valor is one of the most beautiful fortnite characters. Valor is one out of the seven new skins that were introduced for season 4 battle pass. Valor wears a superhero which makes her stand out that much more and makes her seem that much more dangerous. It is a powerful yet elegant outfit paired her soft green eyes by MesmerEyez which really draw you in and make her stand out amongst the crowd.

Red and blue super hero outfit – Buy NOW 

Contact lenses – Buy NOW

These soft green lenses look so strikingly good that not only could you pair this with your Halloween outfit but you can also wear them to many different formal events, ensuring your face always glows amongst the crowds.


The brand MesmerEyez has hundreds of different coloured contact lenses and there is also a huge selection of Halloween contact lenses. These lenses have many positive reviews that say how comfy these lenses are and how brilliant they look. This brand of contact lenses if the first pick for many celebrities who use them regularly to gain many likes and attention on their social media platforms.

Prices for these contact lenses begin at an affordable price of just £6.99

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