Michelle Keegan stuns in Mesmerizing contact lenses

Michelle Keegan stuns in Mesmerizing contact lenses

September 12, 2018

Want celebrity worthy contact lenses? Look no further!

 The brunette beauty swept us away yet again, with a completely different look to what she had worn for the BAFTA awards. During the BAFTA awards we saw her glow in a subtle look that she matched perfectly with a pair of very natural looking contact lenses, Kensington cream.

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This time the former coronation street actress, who managed to win best actress for her role in our girl, choose to go for a more striking look. The naturally brown eyed beauty wore a cat suit outfit with a pair of perfectly matched cat looking eyes, better known as MesmerEyez Sky grey contact lenses.

Keeg’s managed to get everyone talking about her striking look. Within a matter of hours since the TV choice awards, Michelle has managed to swipe up a gigantic 125,000 likes and a long list of compliments. Yet again these contact lenses have encouraged more than double the amount of reactions on her Instagram account than she receives normally.

 The stunning actress’s outstanding celebrity worthy look is totally achievable for all of us. These MesmerEyez branded Sky grey contact lenses worn by the brown eyed beauty are well known within the celebrity world; instantly creating a dramatic yet beautiful cat eye look no matter what your natural eye colour may be. These Sky grey lenses paired with some smoky eye make-up, will have you looking like a star worthy of walking down the red carpet and you may pick up a good few insta likes along the way. What’s too loose?

Michelle Keegan wearing sky grey contact lenses by MesmerEyez

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 This brand of contact lenses has gathered many outstanding review’s for their comfier nature, as well as their wide range of options which has something for all of us!

 These contact lenses are worn by many celebrities, as well as beauty blogger, who have loved the fact this brand offers many alternatives for every occasion whether it be sexy wear or fancy dress, whilst maintaining the best quality.

 Prices for MesmerEyez coloured contact lenses start at an affordable price of just £6.99, which are for single use; you can also get lenses that last up to a year.

 Find Ok Magazine's feature on Michelle Keegan’s wearing MesmerEyez contact lenses right HERE!





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