Get Rihanna's eye colour

September 22, 2018

I don’t think either of us can deny her stunning beauty and with good reason id have to say, who could disavow them amazing coloured eyes of hers? Undoubtedly that bodacious pair of eyes are ever so alluring. The mixture of that ever soft emerald green with the slightest sparkle of brown capturing our gaze, Completed of course with a touch of grey. They look like such natural coloured eyes yet they still manage to be so beautiful. Without question her tanned complexion dose not fail to compliment her eyes even more, as they continue to glow like diamonds. Yes, them eyes are simply amazing.

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Rihanna' Eyes in the colour Shakespeare Dream - GET IT NOW

Would I love to have eyes like that? Hell yeah, of course I would. Only the other day were me and a few girlfriends appreciating them perfect eyes whilst watching Rihanna latest music video! As we looked to one another it was unfortunately obvious not of us had even a slightly similar eye colour to Rihanna. That’s when it came to me, how could I possibly forget the existence of colour contact lenses? Need I say more, They were simply a saviour to girls like us.  I could have any eye colour I wanted. Bold coloured eyes, natural coloured eyes, Xtreme eyes and even Rihanna’s eyes! OMG yes I did say even Rihanna’s eyes, well no, come on obviously I never meant that in such a literal way, we cant be that lucky; but to be fair it’s as good as. We’d still manage to be MesmerEyez’d.

Shakespear's dream - GET IT NOW

Did you know, Rihanna has the most googled eyes in music. These eyes get her so much attention. The Shakespeare's dream coloured contact lenses pictured above are from MesmerEyez and will do the exact same for you and have you shining bright like a diamond! We have found you the perfect way to get these beautiful eyes. Enjoy!

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