Sclera full eye contact lenses for this Halloween!

September 14, 2013 1 Comment

Have you got your Halloween outfit ready for this year? Or maybe you’re still deciding on an outfit to wear? Whatever it maybe, do not forget to try our contact lenses specifically designed for Halloween! Whatever contact lenses you may choose, they will definitely complete your outfit and make them look more gruesome then you can ever make them! We have many different types of contact lenses, for example, the bloody ones and the alien ones, the mesh ones and the fire ones.  You name it, we have them all. You will definitely be able to find a pair that will compliment your outfit nicely! Today we shall be looking at the Sclera contact lenses in particular! These lenses would be perfect for roaming the streets on the cold, frightening night of Halloween!

Sclera contacts cover your whole eye to create a truly stunning look! You will be amazed with the variety of colours and designs we have in these contact lenses. They are also famous in the movie and music industry and they do make a perfect Halloween gift! Our Sclera contacts are the cheapest you will find and they come with free contact lens solution.

My personal favourite Sclera contact lenses have to be the Evil Daze Sclera contact lenses. These lenses would look perfect with a vampire or devil outfit. They will definitely elevate any outfit and make yours the one to beat. They create a very freaky touch to your posture and make you look extra frightening!

My next favourite has to be the Bug Infested Sclera contact lenses. These lenses would work very well with a zombie outfit and make the whole theme look very gruesome, which is what you would want right?

My final favourite I would like to share with you all is the Yellow ring Sclera contact lenses. I feel these lenses have a very robotic touch to them, and if you’re thinking of a robotic Halloween outfit then be sure to try these contact lenses out!

The centre of these soft Sclera lenses is transparent, allowing for the wearing to see through the centre. Sclera full eye coloured contact lenses are designed to fit most eyes, and the visual effect produced is amazing! These sclera full eye contact lenses have no decreased or increased vision powers added to them making them non-prescription and suitable for all eyes!

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darren sandles
darren sandles

October 16, 2014

Hi I am looking for a plane black pair do u have any and whats the price

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