Fancy or Gruesome? You choose.

September 16, 2013

Are you ready for this Halloween? Choosing an outfit or do you already have one? Is it fancy or gruesome? Whatever it may be, do not worry at all. We here at MesmerEyez will be able to help you look absolutely fab in whatever outfit you may have. We have a huge variety of contact lenses of different design which will compliment your outfit nicely. We have contact lenses for both the fancy and gruesome outfits. We will be going through some contact lenses you can wear with your gruesome or fancy outfit!

Our Robot eyes contact lenses will be perfect for a robot outfit if that is what you have in mind for this Halloween. These are not just perfect for the robot look, but you can also go for the steel man look, and make up many more ideas in your creative minds.

If your gruesome outfit is already very gruesome, then try our bloody red contacts which will work perfectly with anything. They will give you the vampire touch and they will definitely get you noticed in any crowd! If your outfit is not gruesome enough then try our Blood shot contact lenses which will definitely make your outfit a whole lot better!

Another pair of contact lenses you can try for a fancy dress is our cupid coloured lenses. They will go perfectly with a sweet looking outfit. They do look sweet, but once you wear them they will look abut weird so the Halloween atmosphere will still be there!

Our crack head contact lenses would also be a great touch to a zombie or zombie-like outfit. They look exactly as they sound, and I have to admit they look very horrid! Definitely eye catching!

There are many more contact lenses you can choose from as we do have a wide range! Be sure to check them out!

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