August 12, 2013

The time of year has come when most weddings take place; Summer time. Got a wedding coming up that you’re going to attend? Got our outfit ready? Let us help you complete your look here at MesmerEyez. We have a wide range of eye glitters, false eye lashes and coloured contact lenses that would look amazing and work with any outfit you may have. Let us go through some wedding outfits that may look similar to yours, and what things you can use from MesmerEyez to complete our look.

Outfit number one is absolutely gorgeous! The pink represents warmth and beauty and although the dress itself is pretty simple the accessories pull the whole look together. To keep the outfit simple yet stunning, try some of our milk white eye dust as a base on the whole eye, with some pure pink eye dust on the lid and some brown eye dust in the outer corner of your eye. These eye dusts are made from high quality minerals and ingredients, and the super pigmented and creamy. Apply some Eyes lashes naturalz, which will make the eyes look more defined and seductive. Lastly, go for some light hazel coloured contact lenses. The whole outfit and makeup would look amazing.

Outfit number two is more smart, but still catchy. You can pair the outfit with accessories similar to those shown in the picture. With this outfit you can go for the dark eye make if you wish. Pair out indigo glitter eye dust with the blue glitter eye dust. Use some Eye lashes blendz and choose some bright contacts like the aqua blue contact lenses and there you have it.


The eye shadows, false lashes and coloured contact lenses work for any occasion or party. Make your outfit unique by using one of our products. You will not regret it!

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