MasterChef US Judges

August 15, 2013

With Season 4 of Master Chef nearing its end and the main judge being Gordon Ramsay, everyone seems to be very excited, well those who watch it. Those of you, who do not watch it, are still bound to know the famous man. So what is it about Gordon Ramsay, apart from his huge culinary skills? Yes, it is his feisty, aggressive and somewhat amusing attitude and personality. I personally look up to him for many reasons. One thing that really grips me about his looks though is his eyes. Yes his stone, hard eyes. His eye-catching eyes are nothing to miss. No need for the glare, just a look gives away a breath taking moment. The sterling shade of blue almost mirrors our diamond blue coloured contact lenses leaving you with just the daring look he has.

Another not just daring but bold look is given by the other feisty judge Joe Bastianich. His amazing tone of green eye colour keeps you mesmerised. Why not try our olive green coloured contact lenses reflecting the brave look of Joe. Not only will it give you a look you’ve always wanted but will transform you into a completely different person.

Having talked about two judges why not talk about the third. Graham Elliot the third remarkable Masterchef US judge has brown eyes that aren’t to be missed. Doesn’t his eye colour just look wonderful? Try our Amber coloured contacts to produce his astounding look.

Want to try all three judges’ looks? Well the number of days in the week let you do just that. Walk in the eye colour of Gordon one day, Joe the next, and finally Graham, the third. Be sure to try our other coloured contact lenses today, you’ll certainly regret it later. Our huge range will not leave you disappointed in any way, giving you the opportunity to purchase any coloured contact lens suiting your personality and needs from the one and only MesmerEyez!

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