Cheryl Cole 2013

August 11, 2013

Everyone always says at this time of the year, ‘wow, this years gone by so quickly’, and to be honest, this is exactly what I’m thinking right now. This year has gone by extremely quickly, I mean were already sitting in mid-august. As I was looking around at some calendars and just wondering where the time has gone, I couldn’t help but notice how amazing Cheryl Coles’ calendar looks. The photos show her in every form, the good and the bad. You would understand one you see these amazing pictures yourself. Today, we will be scrutinizing some of my favourites.


I have to admit, this vintage antique look is a look I love. The background, makeup, hairstyle and just everything fits together perfectly. If I only I could replicate this and look just as good. The thing is that, this look can be replicated by using some of the products sold here at MesmerEyez. For example, let us start with the eye make-up. Using the bronze eye glitter and the brown eye dust combined with the indigo glitter eye dust and the purple eye dust you can complete this look. Pair this eye-make up with our Eye lashes intense and your eyes would look more defined and completed.


This next picture is from in France which Cheryl attended in May 2013. This is not a part of the calendar pictures but I had to include the look. This look below is simple but perfect, not too much and not too less. If you use one of our coloured contact lenses with a pair of false lashes and a touch of eye-shimmer the look will be complete. For example pair the oak brown contact lenses with a set of Eye lash naturalz and some brown eye dust. To add the final touch to your luck us a similar deep red lipstick and taa dah, there you have it! All products are high in quality, cheap and easy to use. So go for it, you’ll look fab!  


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