Summer Holidays

As we are in the middle of summer, a lot of you might be going on holiday, as that is what people do in the summer right? Today we shall be going through some looks you can go for on your holiday.

The first look you can go for is the silver eyes. Make your eyes look angelic and inviting by applying shimmery metallic eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. We have just the right eye shimmer that could be used for this job. Try the milk white eye dust provided here at MesmerEyez. These eye shimmers are made from high quality minerals and ingredient.  The silver eye look is shown nicely by Beyoncé. The look makes her eyes look perfect for her outfit. Not too much and not too less.


You can also go for the classic and smart look as shown by Amber Heard. As her eye shadow is concentrated on the outer corner of her eyes, her eye shape and eye color stands out more. This look can be replicated using the bronze glitter eye dust. What would complete this look is a pair of velvet grey coloured contact lenses. The eyes would definitely look more defined and attractive.

The third look you can go for is the sensational false eye lash look. False eye lashes make your eyes look bigger, more defined and definitely more attractive. The false lashes provided here at MesmerEyez are beautifully hand crafted to suit all eye shapes. These thick lashes are ideal for any occasion and are perfect for going out. They are light, easy to apply and re-usable if you apply and remove them properly. False lashes will never go out of date if you pair them with a thick swipe of eyeliner they would look perfect, as shown below by Ashley Greene.  Pair these false lashes with coloured contact lenses and your whole look would be complete.

Hopefully, these looks have helped you in some shape or form. And if you are going on holiday, we hope you have a great time.

Aqsa Mahmood
Aqsa Mahmood


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