Fast And Furious 6!

August 02, 2013 1 Comment

So, as you all would surely remember, a couple of months back, the awaited film Fast and Furious 6 was released.  With the Rock starring in the film along with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, the film created uproar within everyone. And as always the film was a huge hit. With extreme graphics, a bit of romance and a great story line I have to admit, I absolutely loved it.  The story line was fabulous and pretty much everyone had a great time watching it.

So as I was enjoying the movie I could not help but notice the colour of Paul Walkers’ eyes. The sharp, distinct, steel grey definitely created a ‘don’t mess with me’ look. They matched the whole theme of the movie. The colour eyes have two sides to them- cold/daring and warm/inviting. These contacts are very similar to our crystal blue colored contact lenses here at MesmerEyez. Are you mesmerised by Paul Walkers’ eyes and do you want his look and style too? Just try these coloured contacts and surely they would not disappoint you.

Looking at the other main star of the film Vin Diesel, I noticed that he had dark eyes, deep brown maybe? They also worked very well with his look. A lot of emotion could be seen in them throughout the movie and I personally believe brown eyes always openly show a story through actions and personality. Here at Mesmer eyes we have a wide variety of brown coloured contact lenses to choose from. Like, for example the coco brown contact lenses or just the normal brown coloured contact lenses which would definitely do the job.

You see, that is the thing with our contact lenses, you can use them for everything and anything. Meaning, they can replicate any eye colour you might be looking for, as we have such a huge variety. And you will never be disappointed, as they are very comfortable and your eyes will always feel hydrated and fresh.

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stephanie skaggs
stephanie skaggs

May 11, 2014

I’m going too miss seeing Paul Walker in the future movies cant wait too see brick mansions and I hope he has those contacts in because they were gorgeous.I really want to see vin diesel in those blue contacts or green contacts…

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