Summer and Eyes!

August 04, 2013

Summer, the time of the year everyone cannot wait for. The days at the beach, or days out shopping, may it be day or night, you obviously still want to look good.  Fashion/make-up trends are changing all the time, however this year the summer make-up trend is focused on false eye lashes and beautiful eyes. As in summer, it is obviously hot, so no one wants to go around with the whole package of makeup on their face, as the make-up is bound to just slide and melt of leaving a nasty mess. What you can do though is use false eye-lashes instead of applying the ‘full package of makeup’, because to be honest that is all you need. The eye lashes will make your eyes bigger and more attractive, which would be perfect right? These eye-lashes will create a stunning look on your eyes. They are thick, long, light and the best thing- re-useable. All you need to ensure is that you are applying and removing them correctly. They are also waterproof so they would be perfect for the beach, and they are also suitable for other places like parties too!

If there is one celebrity who looks great with the false lashes it has to be Kim Kardashian! With not much make-up applied on her face, the eye-lashes alone make her face look exotic and beautiful.

I personally think her eye-color completes her whole look. The soft brown color eyes are brought out more by the thick false eye lashes. Have you seen our huge collection of contact lenses that would work perfectly with these false eye lashes? Our coco brown coloured contact lenses would definitely replicate Kim Kardashians’ eye colour. And there you have it! Her complete look, for which all you would need is the coloured contact lenses and the false eye lashes which are both provided here at MesmerEyez. They are both high quality and would not disappoint you, so why not give them a shot? You’ll definitely love them!

One Celebrity who can definitely rock the false eye lashes is Nicole Kidman. Although Nicole only uses the single lashes her eyes still look amazing. Single false eye lashes are also provided here at MesmerEyez. These also are re-usable and high quality. These lashes can be paired with our aqua blue contact lenses which would replicate Nicole Kidmans’ look perfectly.

Go on, try them. You know you want to :)



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