Celebrities and Eye shimmer

July 31, 2013

Do you want a new sophisticated look? Tired of always blending in and never being able to stand out from the crowd? Well here at MesmerEyez we can definitely help you overcome this insecurity you may feel, through the use of our amazing new range of amazing high quality eye shadows. These are pigmented in a variety of different colours and will definitely satisfy you in many ways.

With our wide range of colours to choose from you will not feel limited in any way. These long lasting eye shimmers will surely make you feel confident. Like why not try the milk white eye dust to show a softer tone on your eyelid and why not pair it with the pink eye dust to create and angelic look. Or if you’re looking for a more daring look combine the blue and grey glitter eye dusts, which will not only change your appearance dramatically, but will also make you eye colour pop.

Eyes shadows are used as a fashion statement and they are a huge make-up regular. Not only are they used by people day to day but they are also a huge hit in the celebrity world. They are used as a general makeup item and therefore we desire to provide you with the best quality and affordable eye-shadows as we can. Why not take a look at Ashley Bensons’ makeup which makes her look playful and wild at the same time. 

This look can easily be recreated using our products here at MesmerEyez. Simply use our grey glitter eye dust combined with the brown eye dust to create this vibrant look. This eye-look creates a new distinctive mood and a unique touch to her outfit. One thing that is definitely noticed is her eye-colour. Talking about eye colours have you seen our huge variety of colored contact lenses that would work greatly with these eye shadows!

 The intense colour lenses are comfortable, light and soft to wear and your eyes will feel hydrated, fresh and comfortable all while you are wearing them. Coloured contacts being a huge item around the world are one thing we take great passion in. Our two blue coloured contact lens pair is a great copy of the eye colour of Ashley Bensons’. This simple way of recreating her inspired look not only makes you stand out but makes you feel special about the way you look.

Our collections of coloured contact lenses are not only about having   bright, sparkly eyes. We also have a section of lovely brown and hazel colored contacts like Cheryl Cole has here. They can be paired with bronze and brown eye dusts that will totally make a smart but elegant look.


Our vast variety of coloured contacts lenses gives you the opportunity to tell a story through your eye colour, style and final looks.  Choosing duller and darker shades allows the two colors to blend in creating a more natural look. It’s never been this easy to create a celebrity inspired look that you’ve wanted to do for years. Pairing one of our stunning coloured contact lenses with our eye-catching wide range of eye-shadows allows you to obtain any look you want and the best thing is using different colours gives you a completely different look every time.



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