Eye Glitter

July 31, 2013

Eyes, eyes, eyes... there’s so many things you can do with them. And I guess eyes can do many things too, with the colour and the things surrounding it, you can definitely change your look including your impression.  Here at MesmerEyez we offer you a wide range of eye products which are all high in quality, and extremely worth it.

Our collections of eye shimmers are the best by far. These eye shimmers come in many colours such as blue, bronze, brown, green, pink, white and many more. All of these colours allow you to express your style in any way you want. With our wide range of colours to choose from you will not feel limited in any way. These long lasting eye shimmers will surely make you feel confident. Like why not try the milk white eye dust to show a softer tone on your eyelid and why not pair it with the pink eye dust to create an angelic look. Or if you’re looking for a more daring look combine the blue and grey glitter eye dusts, which will not only change your appearance dramatically, but will also make you eye colour pop.

Eyes shadows are used as a fashion statement and they are a huge make-up regular. Not only are they used by people day to day but they are also a huge hit in the celebrity world. All of our eye shimmers we provide can definitely replicate any celebrity look you are going after.

"Dark skin tones can generally wear almost any color," says celebrity makeup artist Monae Everett. "Warmer tones such as gold or bronze compliment darker skin tones the best. Dark colors look more natural and beautiful on dark skin such as deep purples, dark blue and black eye shadows."

So try our eye shimmers. You will never be disappointed. 

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