Lost - The eyes

July 12, 2013

So you know how everyone has that one TV show that they’re addicted to for a while? And no matter what you tell yourself about the amount of work you’ve got due, you always find yourself giving in for ‘just a little bit’, which then turns into at least three episodes? And when you tell yourself that tonight, you shall sleep early so you can wake up completely and utterly refreshed the next day, but your mind somehow convinces you to watch just one episode for the night and you give in, only to later realise that you’ve lost complete track of time and that you’re meant to be getting up in less than an hour? Yeah, mine happens to be Lost. I am stuck on the show! I absolutely adore Jack! And Sawyer, but I’m mainly Team Jack. Oh, and I dislike Shannon very much. And don’t even get me started on Kate and Ana Lucia!

 I’m already getting ahead of myself, back to my point. So it hit me, last night when I was supposed to have fallen asleep at least an hour prior, that the cast have some wonderful eye colours. Yes, it took me about three seasons to make the connection between something I watched everyday – and night, and work. Yeah, don’t judge me. So I’ve decided I’d do a piece on the show. Here goes.

As I may have already implied, Jack Shephard is my absolute favourite. I mean, who doesn’t love hot doctors? The guy was a born leader, and...well, let’s just say those weren’t the only winning qualities he was born with. Hey now, I was talking about his gorgeous eyes. The good doctor has the most amazing hazel eyes. They do differ a little from normal hazel eyes however, as the actor has brown pools surrounded by green. Which is why there is such a huge debate about his eye colour; the green in Jack’s eyes pick up on whatever colour he is surrounded by. This has caused a variation in his eye colour, hence the debate.


Even in this picture, his eyes seem to be picking up on the red decoration he is surrounded by. He’s a beau, is he not? He is one doc I wouldn’t mind visiting. There’s just something about a tattooed, bad ass doctor, isn’t there? To get Jack’s eyes, try Lime Green from the Blendz range. These would give anyone a mixture of different colours, which blend together to create a merger of naturally beautiful colours. Alternatively, you could try Light Hazel for a softer, more subtle colour.

My second favourite character in the entire cast happens to be Sawyer. I know he isn’t the most amicable of characters, but he always has a reason for whatever mischief he gets up to. Besides, he’s a wounded soul; we’re meant to nurture and love him. Oh and he’s fallen for that witch’s trap – that’s Kate, for those of you who don’t realise how much I dislike her. Despite his bad temper, poor social skills and tough exterior, the conman is a giant softie. Speaking of soft, has anybody noticed the deliciously soft green shade of his eyes? Sawyer’s eyes often change depending on which emotion he’s portraying; dark green when angry and often blue-green, when upset or surrounded by water,- which should be most of the time as he lives on a beach.


For James’ indulgent eye colour, try Amazon Green from the Infusionz range, as this contains both green and blue pigments, which – in the right light, should give you different eye colours. This is bold choice to go with however, so for a softer colour, try Blue Jade. This has the same effect, but is an option for those who don’t wish to steal the limelight.

This next member of the cast isn’t particularly my one of my favourites, but he has the most intriguing personalities of the entire crew of castaways. Yup, I am indeed speaking of one John Locke. It seems only fitting that the most puzzling of characters has the most mystical eye colour. The cripple-gone-hunter is one mysterious fella; all this talk about faith and the island’s plans for him was really creepy at first. But then I realised, he was named after an extremely religious 16th century, fate-crazed philosopher. Now that makes more sense. Besides, all he wanted was to belong, seeing as he grew up in foster care and then found his parents only to have them con him out of his kidney. And on top of that, his own father threw him out of an eighth storey window in an attempt to kill him. That’s enough to make anyone want to stay on some uber creepy island.


John’s eyes are an intense, soft green. They do seem to change throughout the series, but it’s mostly a mixture between an intense green and a soft blue. For a more unique colour, try Pacific Turquoise from the Infusionz range. This colour consists of some coral-like pigments, hence the name. This would be perfect for trying to reflect white sands and clear waters. All this talk about beaches makes me want to go Hawaii ASAP! 

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