Shamballa Bracelets and eye colour!

July 26, 2013

Blue, green, orange or red, there is so much variety to choose from. The amazing thing is that each and every colour has its own impression, for example, electric blue - that represents the frosty nights of winter or the enlightening shades of brown-hazel representing the warmth of the summer. Here at Mesmer eyes we believe we should offer you a large range and variety of coloured contacts that can awaken the atmospheres within you.  The intense colour lenses are comfortable, light and soft to wear and your eyes will feel hydrated, fresh and comfortable all while you are wearing them. Like, why not try the natural sea green and misty blue contact lenses provided here at Mesmer eyes creating a new dimension to your look. Or maybe try the honey or pearl grey contacts to soften your features.

Not only do we offer you contact lenses, we include the stunning shamballa bracelets to add the final touch to your look. We not only believe that these are the highlight of your look but are also a good accessory to pair with your contact lenses.  Contrasting colours is easy. Just pick a colour for your contacts and a colour for your shamballa and whatever the pair they would look amazing together.  The lenses and shamballa bracelet combined would definitely create a new edge to your style, if that is what you are going for. These shamballa bracelets are made with high quality crystal balls and strong black string. With a variety of colours to choose from, for example, baby pink, golden brown you can make your appearance lead in any direction you wish.  

Did you know that many celebrities are also fond of coloured contact lenses? No? Well, now you do. For example, let’s take Britney spears as an example, she naturally has brown eyes. It has been found that she has also worn blue and green coloured contacts in the past. This not only shows how coloured contact lenses are an in interest of famous people, but it also implies everyone should be confident wearing them. Coloured contact lenses are also worn by many actresses around the world – like Angelina Jolie who naturally has blue eyes but has worn green coloured contacts. As these celebrities are taken as inspiration, why not try the coloured contacts today? Buy them online now; it’s easy, just a few clicks away.

Shamballa bracelets are not only popular in day to day life they are also a huge hit in the celebrity world.  They have become a huge fashion accessory trend. Hip hop and rap artists like Chris brown, Jay Z have been spotted wearing these eye-catching bracelets. This only proves that everyone, no matter what your interests or hobbies will definitely suit them.  Also female celebrities like Beyonce and Jessie J have been photographed wearing these, truly showing how universal and popular they are.

At Mesmer eyes we guarantee to provide and ship to our customers with the best quality products as soon as possible to keep you happy and satisfied. These affordable contact lenses and shamballa bracelets are bound to keep you pleased and confident with the way you look. So walk with attitude. Like a boss. 

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