Lost - Coloured eyes

July 10, 2013

As there many a reference to eyes in Lost, - what with all the close up shots of the eyes in almost every episode and the whole “I looked into the eye of the island…” business. Maybe we were meant to pay attention to the eye colours? Well, I have been- mostly because of the loveliness of the colours instead of deeper meanings, but still. As I looked more carefully at the colours, I realised that the eyes were used to portray the most emotions and to give away hints about whomever they belonged to. Sometimes, there were even personality traits in them.


For example, the most intense of all of the eyes on the island, happen to belong to one lucky mother. Well, not so lucky considering where she is and all, but quite lucky regarding the history of all the women who were due to have babies on the island. The cute blonde has two orbs so intense; they could pierce into your soul. This quite fitting for a mother who, at the end of the day, has to be able to look into someone’s eyes and know if they’re lying or not. Hey, she caught Charlie and Desmond out a few times. A little freaky, huh?


Claire’s eyes are best achieved with Two Blues from the Infusionz range as the pigmentation is bright in the middle and the darker towards the outer rings. And as you can see in the photo above, that’s what Claire’s eyes do too. If you’d like to with a paler colour, try Blue Slate. This would create a lighter colour, which Claire sometimes sports throughout the series.


One person with some extremely captivating eyes is, well was, Boone. Oh how I loved Boone! He was ever-so-sweet to his sister; whom he kind of loved in a completely different way than was expected. That weirded me out a little, but he’s Ian Somerhaulder so we can forgive His Royal Hotness, right? If I had to choose one thing about Boone, it would be his eyes. Yes, I realise I could’ve picked his immaculate abs, but his eyes are such a gorgeous shade of blue I wouldn’t mind him having a beer belly if he still had those dreamy eyes.


For Boone’s striking orbs, you should try Blue Rush from the Blendz selection. These will give you a deep, alluring colour. For a lighter colour, try Sea Blue from the same range. These give the same effect, the only difference is that they are lighter. So if you felt like alternating between the two, you could! If you wanted to be more unique, however, you could try Sapphire Blue from the Blendz collection as it is a stormy sea colour, but would be suitable for any weather. Alternatively, you could go for Azure Blue, for an intensely blue colour.


Another person with some awesomely deep blue eyes is former rock star Charlie Pace. Despite his drug addiction and forced blunders, many have come to love Charlie for his commendable bravery and relentless protectiveness over Claire and Aaron. The happy Brit kicked his addiction and proceeded to becoming the happy-go-lucky one amongst the castaways, along with Hurley. Forever lifting everyone’s spirits with both his soothing guitar skills and those bottomless, blue spheres of his. Charlie was one of my favourite characters. He was just so cute! Even before the island, he spent most of his time looking after others. Even after he found out he was going to die, he sacrificed himself to save everyone else. My hero.


To achieve the heroic Charlie’s eyes, try Blue from the Illusionz selection; these have outer rings to make your eyes look bigger than they actually are, - which is a bonus, seeing as Charlie is almost always wide-eyed. For a colour that is a little different, try Azure Blue from the Intense collection. These will make even the darkest eyes look brighter for a more dramatic effect. 

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