Nicki and Mariah – Battle of the Queens

June 24, 2013

As we all know, the new series of American Idol aired last week and with it, the promise of a new winner; a winner to conquer our hearts and take the world by storm. But whilst the show is traditionally focused on the contestant’s talents and struggle to fame, this season a spanner has been thrown into the works. Yes, I am indeed speaking of the beef between two of the biggest divas in the music industry; Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have been tense on the judges’ panel and the feud doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.
And of course, their fan bases have picked up on this and are backing their own idol. Nicki’s Barbz have been tweeting and Facebooking their hatred towards Mariah’s fandom. And the hate is obviously reciprocated, which is no less than what we expected for Mariah’s soldiers. But the hostility doesn’t end at the judge’s panel. Oh no, it has caught the eyes of many magazine editors and chat shows. It has been mentioned in almost every celebrity chat show and has, in turn, extended to other matters such as which of the two has the better hair, more stylish wardrobe and, of course, who has the better hits and collaborations.
I, for one, would love to find out who the superior woman is. Both women have blown up considerably since their big breaks and have made names for themselves. And along with all of this fame and fortune came drama and reputations.  Whereas Nicki is known for her outrageous outfits, ridiculously huge and colourful hair as well as a rather large – and artificial might I add, derriere. Carey is known for her more elegant and suave wardrobe and more natural looks.
 Nicki has always made it clear that she likes to stand out by wearing bright colours in both hair and clothes and extreme coloured contact lenses. Nicki has worn many different coloured contact lenses such as dark, sensual grey. Very much like MesmerEyez’s Grey from the Illusionz range. These have an outer ring to make your eyes look bigger and more glamorous.  They are available in both 1 and 3 month lenses. You can get these for the low price of £12.99 / $15.00, which includes the eyewear care kit.
Here, Nicki wears a bright blue to match her navy-blue tinted hair and to make her eyes pop due to the contrast between the darkness of her hair and her bright coloured eyes.  Her make-up has also been done with a natural hue to avoid over-doing the look and to keep it simple. To get this eye colour, you could get Blue Rush from the Natural Blendz range for a subtle effect. But if you are willing to go for the brighter and braver option like Nicki has done, then you should look into Two Blues from the Infusionz range.
Mariah, who is more focused on looking elegant – due to her age no doubt, would wear the simpler, more natural colours. Mariah would suit light browns such as Honey from the MesmerEyez Naturalz range.
Seeing as Mariah always keeps her make up light and simple, it would only be logical that she wears coloured contact lenses that either bring out her eyes or blends in with her hair and complexion. Forest Hazel from the Intense range would be highly recommended. These are available in both 1 and 3 month lenses. You could secure these with the extremely affordable price of only £14.99 / $17.00 which includes the eyewear care kit.
So far I’m not sure who I’d back in this dispute. One thing I am sure of however, is the flexible use and almost magical effects of MesmerEyez coloured contact lenses. Enough to transform just about anyone from an ordinary individual to a show-stopping beauty. Wear your lenses with pride and confidence whilst you keep up with the ever-changing pace of fashion. These lenses are the quick, ideal – and not to mention cheap, alternative to finding yourself in a never-stopping world.

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