Celebrities who wear coloured contact lenses

June 20, 2013

While it is common in the Arab and Asian communities to wear coloured contact lenses openly, especially among celebrities, it’s a little bit different in the Western world and particularly in Hollywood. Celebrities in Hollywood do everything to appear as natural as they can and more often than not deny having done any plastic surgery or botox. However, this is far from the truth as many celebrities have done everything from plastic surgery to less invasive procedures such as changing hair colour and eye colour. More celebrities than you probably would have thought wear coloured contact lenses! And why wouldn’t they, it such a cheap and quick way to get a completely different look. Plus, it’s so much fun! We don’t understand why many celebrities keep it a secret. We should be proud of our natural eye colour, it’s what makes us individual and different from everyone else! Did you know that Megan Fox wears coloured contacts? That crisp blue colour that she is famous for isn’t real, in fact, she has a natural subtle green colour
For Megan’s natural green colour try Sea Green from the Naturalz range or to get her blue eyes, try Two Blues from Infusionz.
Lindsay Lohan, who is naturally green-eyed, is also a fan of wearing coloured contact lenses. She is pictured here with a clear blue eye colour. To look like natural Lindsay try Amazon Green from Infusionz, and to get her blue eyes, try Blue Rush from Natural Blendz
Britney Spears is another superstar who enjoys changing her looks up with the help of some coloured contact lenses. Personally, we think she looks better with her natural brown eyes! Brown from Illusionz resemble Britney’s natural eye colour, but if you prefer her blue eyes, try Blue from Illusionz.
Last but certainly not least, the British supermodel Naomi Campbell religiously wears light brown contact lenses, fooling most people. The dark skinned beauty’s natural eye colour is dark brown.
To get Naomi’s light brown eyes try Hazel Bronze from Infusionz and to get her dark brown colour, try Oak Brown from Blendz.
While it is fun to wear coloured contact lenses and pretend that you’re a green-eyed girl for a day, we say ‘wear them with pride!’.  Don’t be ashamed of wearing coloured contacts, let people know you’re using them instead of fooling people like most of these celebrities. Don’t forget to have fun with your lenses!

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