Halloween contact lenses

Where in hell do you find the most heavenly Halloween contact lenses around?

July 23, 2020

Make sure you’ve got the best of the best in Halloween contact lenses

Halloween is a time to show a different side to your personality.

To make the biggest splash at Halloween, remember the power of wearing some seriously amazing Halloween contact lenses.

In fact, if you forget about wearing Halloween contact lenses, you can forget about having a really good Halloween costume. It just won’t cut it no matter how much like ‘so and so’ character you look.

Sorry to scare you before Halloween but it can be a frightening mistake to make thinking you can go for just something that’s ‘Okay’ when you have the power to blow people away.

The look that screams “I went all the way with my outfit!”

You have to make a few important Halloween decisions.

  1. Which party are you going to go to? (or which ones, if there’s a few invitations)
  2. What character are you going to go as?
  3. Do you have all you need to pull off that Halloween outfit?
  4. Do you have the time to put it all together?

If you want to take it easy and play it safe, then that’s fine. Not everyone wants to win ‘Best Dressed’, but everyone wants a little of that positive feedback like;

“Nice outfit”, “Love your costume” or even a simple “I wish I’d thought of coming as a…” and you can insert whoever you are – from witch to zombie, Harley Quinn, Pennywise or Poison Ivy.

Just don’t half-arsed or you’ll be half as likely to get asked again next year.

The party choice

Let’s look at which Halloween party you want to go to.

If it’s a friend’s party – that’s a big Yes AND it’s your job to help make it a big success. Do whatever you can to take the stress out of the occasion and add some extra spark and fun.

Then there’s those parties where you’re not so sure. Maybe it’s someone from work that you don’t know that well and you’re a little worried it will only be you who turns up. There’s two key things to keep in mind –

  • If you don’t know anyone at the party, then they don’t know you – plus – you’re dressed up so they aren’t going to recognise you later anyway.
  • You can go a little out of your comfort zone. When you’re putting on your costume, put on that extrovert you sometimes show. If the party gets too much, then make a quiet exit.

Having a good friend come along can help you to work out if you can make things work or if it’s better to make for the door.

Choosing that character and the costume

Here’s where the fun starts. Choose someone that you’d love to go as. Make a list of your top three.

Ask yourself which one is your fave and then ask if you can pull it off. No half-baked outfit ever works.

If it’s Harley Quinn for example – then make a list of everything you’ll need.

Now comes the question – Can you put it all together?

If you’re worried before you’ve even started, then you’re probably heading for danger.

If you’re not sure – ask a friend or two for help. They won’t be going as the same thing (and always make sure you’re not or there’s a truckload of trouble coming).

Get it happening and tick off your list as you go. This way you know you aren’t going to miss something important like a wig for the special hair-do or the make-up that makes up most of what is recognisable about your character. Daenerys without the special wispy blonde hair-do just looks like a woman from a bad 80’s electronic band.

That’s where coloured contacts come into it.

If you haven’t got Emilia Clarke’s green eyes as Daenerys of GOT or Margot Robbie’s crystal blues for Harley Quinn then you might not look as good as you could. What a waste!

Time to get your Halloween halo happening

Whatever you do, make sure you have enough time to put an awesome Halloween costume together. If you have to rush to finish it just before you head out, you’re heading for disaster.

How are you going to relax and have a good time with that pressure and stress hanging over you. Pretty sure you’re going to be worrying that you don’t look that good and even that feeling will show.

Plan for a bit of a test run in your outfit a day or two before the party. You’ll feel more relaxed on the big night and you can add some special finishing touches if you need to. Win/Win.

The guaranteed winning eyes you might need

If you have the whole costume and any make-up for your character ready to go, check out the eyes.

Halloween contact lenses are a key feature of a great Halloween costume.

What if you haven’t got a character? What if you just want to go as something freaky?

If you’re caught short of ideas, here’s the answer. Try a pair of Black contact lenses Halloween time or go with the fright of the White contact lenses Halloween party goers love.

With a killer pair of Black or White contact lenses Halloween is going to get freaky as.

Whatever you do – don’t go Halloweening without Halloween contact lenses.

The best of the best are all here for you. All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes

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