Where To Get Black Sclera Contacts Cheap

Where To Get Black Sclera Contacts Cheap

November 24, 2019

Black Sclera contacts a cheap and simple way look freaky

Whether it’s a costume party, Halloween, a birthday with a Haunted theme or anything in between, you can’t miss being a hit with black contacts in your eyes.

You might think they cost the earth, but you can get quality Black Sclera contacts cheap if you know the right supplier. 

It’s the perfect way to look freakin’ awesome and take your killer costume into the Best Dressed line of outfits.

How Black Sclera lenses work

It’s easy to be a tiny bit scared when you see someone wearing black coloured contacts. It’s even understandable that you might freak yourself out the first time your wear your own black lenses.

The whole point about eye colour is the way it works with the black of your pupil. That’s the black circle in the middle of your eye, not a student at school. 

When you wear something as wild as Black Sclera lenses the iris (that’s the coloured part of your eye) is now just as black as the pupil. It looks like the natural colour of the eye has turned black.

No wonder people freak out seeing black eyes staring back at them.

Where do you get your hands on a pair?

A few tips on the top Black Sclera lenses

Finding the best coloured contacts can be tricky unless you know what to look for. That’s the same when it comes to Black Sclera lenses too.

Here’s a few important questions to ask before you buy;

  • Where are they made?
  • What quality are they?
  • How long will the lenses last?
  • Are they suitable for your eyes and eye colour?
  • Will they affect your vision?

There’s a few things you need to consider but don’t spit the dummy thinking it’s all too much – it can be worked out if you take a little care. You probably should take a lot of care, after all, we are talking about contact lenses for your eyes not nail polish on your toes.

An eye for quality

First off, don’t compromise when it comes to quality. You wouldn’t put dodgy eye-drops in your eye so don’t do it with coloured contacts.

Look for quality lenses that have been properly tested and certified. It’s good to know which country they were made in and that you trust the brand.

Remember to check how long the coloured lenses will last and how to look after them. There’s no point buying expensive contacts that they say will last 3 months but are lucky to last a week. The supplier should be able to recommend how to care for the lenses too.

Make sure your new black contact lenses can be worn by someone with your coloured eyes – there could be lenses for dark coloured eyes but won’t work on light coloured eyes. A top range will be able to cater for both with no problem.

Find out if the coloured contacts you’re buying will affect your vision. That’s especially important when it comes to black coloured contacts. The last thing you want is to look like you’ve gone blind because you can’t see two feet in front of you, or worse, you can’t see properly at all!

Then there’s the cost to think about.

You can get top quality black contacts at a top price

After all that hard work checking that your black contact lenses are good enough - (it isn’t that hard really) – the good news is you can get the best black coloured lenses around at a great price. 

Colour Your Eyes give you a fantastic range of black contacts including Black Sclera contacts cheap

Which lenses are we talking about?
That’s both the full Black Sclera (22mm full eye covered) and 17mm Mini Sclera lenses.

These are just two great choices from the great range of black contact lenses of Colour Your Eyes.

Oh, and talk about ticking all the right boxes. How’s this for peace of mind;

  • Manufactured in the UK and EU certified quality
  • Last for 12 months once opened
  • Suitable for both dark and light coloured eyes
  • Totally non-prescription and suitable for all eyes

Now you’re asking, “Where do I get them?”

You can buy your Black Out, Mini Black Sclera or Full Black Sclera contacts cheap plus a special care solution kit to look after them. 

Order today and get the freaky effect happening sooner than you think. 

Now is the perfect time to Colour Your Eyes

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