Everyone is Going Crazy for Blind White Contact Lenses

Everyone is Going Crazy for Blind White Contact Lenses

November 26, 2019

See the magic of Blind White contact lenses now

Worn coloured contacts before? You haven’t lived until you’ve worn a drop-dead gorgeous pair of Blind White contact lenses.

You will look like you’re visiting from another planet because these lenses really are like something from another world.

It gives you a weird and wonderful way to dress up. Talk about stealing the limelight and attention at a fancy dress or Halloween party, these coloured contacts make anyone go white with fright.

Why White is wickedly wacky

Everyone is expecting to see a pair of eyes that are blue or brown, grey or green. It would probably be a colour that’s natural and normal. 

Suddenly they are met by your new set of Blind White contact lenses and that doesn’t just throw them a little, it flips their world back on itself. 

The brain is asking “White? Did I just see white eyes?”

You know the answer is ‘Yes’ but their minds have just been blown by the fact that your eyes aren’t anything they have ever seen before. Not unless it was in some sort of horror movie and even then, it was a movie and they didn’t meet those freaky eyes face to face.

The fun of the freak-out factor

Not sure how well a pair of Blind White contact lenses will go over at a party or get together?

If you want to make an entrance that will be remembered, then getting yourself a pair of these freaky lenses is the way to go.

If you want to blend in with the rest of the crowd and just keep a low profile, Blind White contact lenses are definitely not for you. 

It’s a lot of fun to give friends a little fright, especially in the safe environment of a party. Just remember that not everyone is into being scared. It’s not fair to use the power of Blind White contact lenses to frighten a poor soul who jumps when they get a simple tap on the shoulder.

Be nice to the scaredy cats and you can be a bit of a devil with almost everyone else. 

The best Blind White contact lenses around

There’s more than one brand of blind white contacts around these days. 

Don’t go with just the cheapest of the cheap to save money. Make sure you get a quality pair of lenses each and every time you buy a pair.

You know it makes sense to take a bit of time just to research the quality of the brand, the supplier and that everything is all above board. If not, you could be wasting your hard earned cash or wasting your time in a doctor’s clinic because those cheap and nasty lenses have done more than hurt your bank balance, they’ve done some damage to your eyes. 

See the difference in quality

Blind White contact lenses are something you have to see to believe. 

It’s one of the freakiest sets of coloured contacts around. It’s right up there with the dark magic of Blackout Lenses and the full on freak-out of Full Black Sclera contacts

The thing about all these lenses from Colour Your Eyes are of the best quality going around. They all come with the benefits of:

  • Being made in the UK
  • Manufactured in accordance with the strict EU Cosmetics Directive
  • Produced under ISO International Standards quality control
  • Having a 45% water content so you can wear them for 8 hours
  • Packaged in special sterile buffered isotonic saline

With lenses as special as this, it’s important that your contacts are soaked and stored properly before first use. Make sure you order your ‘MesmerEyez Cleaning Solution Kit’ to take care of your Blind White contact lenses in the best way.

Tips on the top Blind White lenses

Wearing Blind White contact lenses are perfectly safe. Just remember that the lenses will make your vision a little foggy but you can see through them. 

You shouldn’t wear them when you’re driving for three good reasons: 

  1. You should never drive when anything affects your vision
  2. You will freak out other motorists – big time
  3. Try explaining what happened to your eyes if the police happen to pull you over 

Now you’re all set to blow people away in your new pair of Blind White contact lenses. It’s all ready and waiting for you at Colour Your Eyes, so order your set today.

Getting a great look at a great price is easy when you Colour Your Eyes

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