The World Beating Coloured Contact Lenses

September 09, 2019



There is a huge demand for coloured contact lenses these days.

That has meant there are a lot of new suppliers out there trying to make the most of the growing market.

Just like any product, there are quality items and cheap and nasty versions.

When you are dealing with something as delicate as eyes, you want to make sure you aren’t taking a risk to your health or to your overall eyesight.

Look for quality in coloured contacts

The last thing anyone wants is to have something go horribly wrong with what should be a fun and easy to wear item like coloured contacts.

There are some real nightmare stories out there from people who have bought low priced and low quality coloured contacts and lived to regret it.

Buying a properly tested and certified brand is all the more important.

You don’t want to be one of those people who have their coloured contacts stuck to their eyes like a suction cup or have horrible redness after wearing their new lenses after barely an hour.

Of course, it can be worse for some who bought inferior lenses and have actually damaged their eyes with scratching and infections.

Don’t buy just any pair of lenses or you could be buying into a lot of trouble down the track.

British Brand and Quality

That’s where the highly acclaimed and top quality brand of coloured contacts comes to the fore. MesmerEyez is a true British brand that has the benefits of proper CE approval.

That means that the lenses are backed with CE marking and manufactured in accordance with the strict EU Cosmetics Directive. That means complete peace of mind because you know you are wearing a true quality product that has been rigorously tested.

Make sure you check that the coloured contacts you choose meet the highest standards like MesmerEyez lenses or you could be in for a rude awakening.

The MesmerEyez difference

The special thing about MesmerEyez lenses is the huge selection of quality lenses available.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the range of coloured contacts.

There’s everything from:

  • Naturals
  • Halloween
  • Sclera and Mini Sclera
  • UV
  • And in a choice of 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month and Yearly

That means you can be out and about for a special party or event and then chop and change into a completely different look that you might love enough to wear for a month or more.

Talk about diversity and a delightful way to colour your eyes and give yourself a winning new look.

MesmerEyez really does give you a variety of styles that can suit your mood or taste to perfection.

The best brands in the business

Colour Your Eyes is proud to offer the best of the best when it comes to coloured contacts.

You get access to the top names with the top quality lenses.

Be someone truly memorable in MesmerEyez coloured contacts. The effect can be truly life changing by giving you a little more sass or just a little more confidence to come out of your shell.

The other top name worth considering is Solotica.

If you haven’t heard the name then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you see the lenses on offer.

Like MesmerEyez, the Solotica brand has a reputation for quality manufacture and a unique look for anyone who wears their lenses.

The colour collection is not just impressive, it’s empowering.

You can transform yourself with the likes of Amber, Ochre, Quartz, Crystal and Topaz colours.

One thing’s for certain, you will be turning heads for all the right reasons in the Solotica selection.

Time to Colour Your Eyes

Isn’t it time you took the opportunity to put a little magic into your life?

You can make a subtle change or a dramatic one just by enhancing or transforming your eye colour. With help from Colour Your Eyes, you have a new look and a new way of looking at life.

Choose from the complete collection and see where things can take you. Whether it’s a new pair of coloured contacts from MesmerEyez or Solotica, or any of the other options available, you can add a spark and a little magic to the way you carry yourself.

Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing someone who looks like you but with an extra edge or something extra special about them.

It can all happen today when you Colour Your Eyes.

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