Looking Dead Awesome in Black Halloween Contact Lenses

August 25, 2019

Black Halloween Contact Lenses

Everybody who is anybody is after a hell of a great look for Halloween. It’s a time to stand up and stand out. That’s where Black Halloween contact lenses come to the rescue.

There’s nothing worse than looking ordinary when it comes to a costume party or especially Halloween.

You know there’s people who put in one hell of a lot of effort and others who just ‘slap something together’.

Then there’s those special people who have gone that one step extra to create a special look.

That’s the very thing about the dead black Halloween contact lenses. They are something creepy, spooky and almost send chills down the spine when you see them.

You could well break into a cold sweat yourself when you pop in a pair and see the dead stare looking back at you in the mirror.

It’s a fact that strange coloured eyes have a certain mystery and magic about them. You don’t get more mysterious than dead, jet black eyes.

Just wearing a set of black Halloween contact lenses can throw the senses into overload.


Now, here’s a few special helpful hints that will make your Halloween outfit out-freakin’-standing!

  • Choose something dark or haunting – maybe something as simple as a ghost or a vampire. You could go as a favourite film character from the so-called ‘dark side’.
  • Get the costume as close to perfect as you can but try not to spend the earth doing it, after all, it’s a party and you’re supposed to be having fun not worrying about a credit card debt.
  • Ask close friends what they think of your outfit and take on the advice that makes sense. You can’t do it all alone, that’s why there are special wardrobe designers on movies remember!
  • Get your Halloween make-up sorted and even do a ‘test-run’ to see how it looks
  • Pop in those draw dropping black Halloween contact lenses and you’re all set to shock


It’s easy to transform yourself with a set of black contacts in.

You’ll look like something out of this world – or straight up from the underworld. It’s your chance to bring out your dark side in a fun way. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome freaking out friends and family in those Halloween winners.

No need to overthink it either. The beauty of black Halloween contact lenses is they can inspire you to come out with a great outfit if you’re struggling to choose what to wear.

Any creepy or freaky costume is going to look all the more amazing when you’ve got your new black Halloween contact lenses in. Careful where you wear them and remember you’ve got them in if you’re waving down a taxi or grabbing an after-party snack somewhere.

You will get stared at and for all the right reasons.

Are black contacts a conversation starter? You bet! Only thing is, that first word you hear might just be a scream. The fun and laughs come straight after.

Wearing these is definitely a great way to break the ice.

The best shock to the system

When you colour your eyes with any coloured contacts you’re going to get noticed. With Halloween contacts, you get just that little bit more attention.

It’s hard to beat the deadly gorgeous looks from the range of Black Halloween contact lenses.

If black eyes are a step too far, you could go with a straight White Out look or something a little spookier like Bloodshot Drops.

You can be everything from a Hell Raiser or Snow Beast, go the freaky full eye cover of Black Sclera or the mysterious look of Eclipse lenses.

We’ll say it again - don’t freak if you give yourself a little scare when you see who’s looking back at you. One thing’s for sure, you won’t look back when you get a pair of Colour Your Eyes contacts.

Freakily great Halloween lenses

The range of Halloween contacts at Colour Your Eyes is dead set sensational.

You have the chance to get your set then get set to enjoy a Halloween party where you steal the limelight. Why not get an extra pair for the next costume party or dress up?

The best coloured contact lenses are just a mouse click away – that’s online, anytime.

Halloween never looked so good when you Colour Your Eyes.

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