contact lenses for cosplay

How to find the Perfect Contact Lenses for Cosplay

January 31, 2021

It hasn’t always been easy to get the right contact lenses for Cosplay, until now

Whatever the costume or outfit that you choose for your next Cosplay dress up, remember that you are missing a key ingredient without a quality pair of contact lenses for Cosplay.

The tricky thing about Cosplay is that you have to nail the outfit. Nobody should have to guess who or what your costume is supposed to be.

You won’t go anywhere without going the whole she-bang with your costume. Anything less than all-in is going to be an all-out fail. It comes down to making sure you dress up with all the elements in place and not leaving out any important detail.

That’s where the power of the perfect contact lenses for Cosplay makes all the difference.

Close enough is just not good enough in Cosplay

There’s not much worse than just looking a bit like your favourite Cosplay character.

These are the words that you never want to hear when you’re wearing your Cosplay or other fancy dress outfit:

  • “Sorry, who did you come as?”
  • “I thought that’s who you were dressed as”
  • “Ohhh, yeah that looks like them”
  • “Okay, well it’s a tricky character to pull off, so…”
  • “It’s great to have your own take on the costume”

It can be disappointing to hear anything like that when you’ve gone to so much trouble on your Cosplay get up but it can be heart-breaking if you’ve slaved away for weeks to get it right.

There is a secret ingredient that can make any costume look all the more impressive and it won’t cost you gazillions to get it working for you - contact lenses for Cosplay are the answer.

Yes, people are going to be checking out your outfit but they will notice your eyes if you’ve gone the extra step with a killer pair of coloured contact lenses.

Icing on the Cosplay cake

Why do people go looking for the best contacts lenses for Cosplay, fancy dress and anime outfits?

It’s all about making an impact.

No-one who gets dressed up to the max is going to hide in the corner hoping that no-one sees them. The whole point of Cosplay is to be out and about as the character you love or love to dress up as.

Imagine dressing up as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman or Pennywise and not having the special touch that sets you apart from anyone else? It’s going to take the fun out of the whole event.

Now imagine dressing up as any of those but with a pair of the right coloured contact lenses for Cosplay Harley, WW or Pennywise? You’re going to look like you’ve spent wayyy more time and effort getting it spot on.

Pale green eyes like Windsor Jade for Harley Quinn – Home Run!

Violet Out eyes for Wonder Woman and you’ll be wonderful!

Yellow Orange eyes for Pennywise and hello Best Dressed award!

Anything less is just going to bring the whole outfit down when coloured contacts can take a costume up to a whole new level.

Quality outfit – quality Cosplay lenses

When you’re looking for coloured contact lenses for Cosplay, Halloween or a Fancy Dress always go for quality. Your eyes are too precious to be covered by cheap and nasty lenses.

How do you get quality coloured contacts?

You might find a cosplay lens outlet somewhere nearby or often online. The important thing to remember is to ask yourself ‘Are those contact lenses for Cosplay only or are they quality certified to wear for hours?’

Just because they’re advertised as ‘quality Cosplay lenses’ or ‘premium Cosplay contacts’ doesn’t always mean they are up to scratch.

The key word there is ‘scratch’ – because if your Cosplay lenses are not properly certified quality, then you could be sitting in Emergency if the lenses scratch, stick or irritate your eyes. It’s not worth the risk and not worth the money.

Whatever colour lenses you buy, go for the best in quality. That’s EU tested and certified quality Cosplay and coloured lenses. 

Look for the best in Cosplay contacts

There are a number of places around that claim to have the best contact lenses for Cosplay.

Some have only 6 or 7 pairs to choose from. Some have more but with less quality contacts.

Then you gave save yourself the trouble of going here, there and everywhere and save yourself money in the process.

Colour Your Eyes has a fantastic range of Cosplay contacts that can take your outfit into the ‘out of this World’ category.

You can choose from kooky Cosplay, haunting Halloween and a collection of the most super of natural lenses going around. All EU tested and quality certified too.

Wondering how wonderful you can look in your next dress up?

Colour Your Eyes is the answer.

The most sensational looks are all ready and waiting.

All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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