A Handy Guide To Travelling With Contact Lenses

A Handy Guide To Travelling With Contact Lenses

February 04, 2021

Things to do to make travelling with contact lenses hassle-free

There’s more than one thing you need to do to get yourself all set for a trip.

That’s why people often fall into the trap that travelling with contact lenses is going to be more trouble than its worth. The good news is – they’re wrong!

The first thing you need to do is go for quality lenses. That means choosing the best of normal contacts or the top coloured contact lenses and looking after them.

If you follow these handy tips, you’ll be on the road to enjoying happy travels.

The way to go when you’re travelling with contact lenses

Travel can be a little stressful at times and things do go wrong. It’s all about being as prepared as possible and having a fall-back plan if something does go pear-shaped.

When it comes to contact lenses, you want to make sure you have more than one pair.

First off – check over your itinerary and see where there are any clear chances of you and your contact lenses being parted.

  1. Pack up with a back-up pair – this is where you need to start the ball rolling before you start the eye rolling wondering why you are stuck without lenses. Have two spare pairs of contacts in your luggage if anything goes wrong.
  2. Go with daily lenses – it makes life easier if you have enough daily disposables to see you through your trip. That cuts back on lugging heavy solution bottles around. You can also chop and change with your choice of coloured lenses this way if you have a short trip.
  3. Carry on team – always give yourself the chance to take out your contacts if they get uncomfortable. Air-conditioned cars, buses, trains (and air travel, remember that thing?) all make for dry air and drier lenses. With some carry on or carry with you lenses and solution, you can look after your eyes. It’s a great to know they’re there if you luggage goes missing.
  4. Solution to a contact problem – your contact lens solution should never be a problem. Make sure you pack enough for your trip (and an extra day or two if your stay is extended). This will mean you won’t have to endure the frustrating adventure of trying to find solution as you move from destination to destination.
  5. See that you pack glasses – if you aren’t wearing coloured contacts and you need eye contacts to see properly, then bring a pair of glasses along. You might end up in a place where you cop an allergic reaction to stuff in the air or that the air is just drier than you’re used to. You know not to put contacts in if your eyes are irritated or sore, so have those glasses at the ready if you need them.

That’s all pretty crystal clear for how to go when you’re travelling with contact lenses but what if your trip is longer or more hectic?

Staying the journey with your contacts

If you’re taking a longer trip than usual and loading yourself up with daily disposables is going to be a pain in the ‘what’s-its’ then a better option could be monthly disposables.

The great thing about monthly contact lenses is they can help make take the stress out of travel and busy schedules.

Heading off on a holiday with only daily contact lenses means packing a set of lenses for every day you're away. That can be very tricky on anything but a short trip or long weekend get-away.

Travelling with contact lenses shouldn’t be hard. That’s where monthly contacts make life a lot easier and your holiday easier to enjoy. Just take two or three sets of contacts (always have one for back-up), your contact case and enough solution to see you through.

The added beauty is that monthly lenses give you the chance to take them out for special activities or sporting adventures where sweat or dirt may get in your eyes. You can easily protect your lenses and be ready to pop them back in when you’re ready.

Coloured contacts that go the distance

Even if it’s coloured contacts you’re wearing on vacation, pack a few pairs and a back-up solution and case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The last thing you need is to have your holiday spoiled by something you can manage with the right pre-planning.

Whichever contact lenses you’re using, remember to go for quality and not some bargain basement version of el-cheapo contacts. Your eyes are too important to take a chance with and your holiday time is too good to waste.

If you’re ever travelling with contact lenses then go for the tops in coloured contacts from Colour Your Eyes.

You can get an amazing look and always know that you’re wearing special EU quality tested and certified lenses. There’s also the special Multi-purpose Solution and Case that will help you on your way, wherever you go.

For a gorgeous range of great coloured contacts all you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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