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Are you one of those people who cringe at the sight of blood? Do you hate everything gruesome? Can’t stomach anything ghastly? Well do not worry. It is not necessary to dress in the most horrific way this Halloween!  I have the perfect costume idea for you! You can go for Tinkerbell! The sweet, fairy like costume will work nicely for this Halloween for all those who run away from anything horrific! We have a few products here at MesmerEyez that would work very well with this costume!

Firstly, for you makeup you can use our Eye glitters and shadows Make your eyes look amazing with our range of eye shadows for any occasion. They are made from high quality minerals and ingredients so you will not be disappointed! We have a number of colours that would work with this outfit for example, our green eye dust, our green glitter eye dust, our lime green eye dust, our milk white eye dust and our turquoise glitter eye dust! You can go shiny and glittery or you can matt! You choose!

Next, you can choose some false eye lashes to really make your eyes pop! High quality false lashes to match your contact lenses! Again we have a variety you can choose from, for example, some lashes that would work with this costume would be, Eye lashes infusionz, Eye lashes illusions and Eye lashes intense! We have many more so you can pick according to your taste and preference!

And finally, of course we need a pair of coloured contact lenses! We have a number of colours that would look good, for example, sea green, blue jade, honey, forest hazel and pearl grey! Again as we have such a huge variety, you can choose according to your preference and what you like best!

I hope this idea has inspired you in some way or another! Be sure to check out what we have to offer here at MesmerEyez! You will definitely find something you like!


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January 21, 2014

This is awesome!!!! How long wil it take to restock ,the Jade color and Indigo sky!!!

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