Fancy dress contact lenses for this Halloween!

October 12, 2013 1 Comment

Have you prepared an outfit for this Halloween or are you still looking for one? Whatever it may be, today I am going to be presenting a few outfit ideas to help you this Halloween, and I am going to pair these outfits with one of our Fancy dress contact lenses which I feel will compliment the outfit! Here at MesmerEyez we sell a huge variety of contact lenses, in different designs, to suit different parties and occasions. I have to admit, Halloween has to be one of our favourite and most exciting occasions going! The unique patterns of the lenses overlays the natural base to create a look that’s exclusive and distinctive. As our collection of fancy dress contact lenses is so huge, I cannot possibly go through them all, but I can definitely go through some of my personal favourites! Let us begin!

The first outfit you can go for is the devil look! This look will look extra spooky and frightening if you pair this outfit with our bloody red contact lenses! The colour red flowing through the whole outfit really keeps the Halloween atmosphere alive! the lenses do not need to be too dramatic, as the outfit and lenses will work perfectly!

This next outfit maybe one you already have planned... yes it is the vampire outfit! We have many contact lenses that will match this outfit for example, the black and red Sclera contact lenses, wild cat contact lenses and the red vampire contact lenses! There are many other lenses you can choose from, so you can pick what suits your taste best!

The final outfit I have for you today is the zombie outfit! Again there are quite a few lenses you can choose from, but some of my personal favourites are the saw white contact lenses, the blood shot contact lenses and the zombie contact lenses! Again as the outfit below is so detailed, the lenses can be simple and still work perfectly!

I hope some of these ideas have helped or inspired you in some way when you are going to choose your outfit for this Halloween!

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Julia Higginbottom
Julia Higginbottom

October 18, 2013

These are great ideas. I’m hoping to be going to a halloween party myself and have bought 2 pairs of your lenses to put the finishing touches to my outfit.
I have ordered them and it says the order has been fulfilled but I have yet to receive any parcel. I’m hoping that you know where they are

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