Hazel eyes!

August 30, 2013

One eye colour which is often mistaken as brown is hazel. Around 8% of the world’s population has hazel eyes. The difference between brown and hazel eyes is the yellow/green hint in the hazel eyes. If your one of those people who wants hazel eyes, check out our collection of hazel coloured contact lenses. We have a wide range and variety of hazel coloured contact lenses, so you will not find it difficult to find lenses to suit your skin tone. Let us look at some famous people who have hazel eyes.

Let us start with Natalie Cole, the famous American singer, songwriter and performer. Her eye color is very welcoming and warm, and it is actually very similar to our hazel coloured contact lenses we sell here at MesmerEyez, so if you want a replica, try our coloured contact lenses.


Next up is Lady Gaga, the very well-known American singer and songwriter, record producer, activist, businesswoman, fashion designer and actress. Her eyes match our hazel bronze coloured contact lenses, which you should definitely check out if you like her eye colour.

Another very famous person, who we all know as MR Bean and who we all absolutely love, who is also known as Rowan Atkinson has hazel eyes. This comedian has eyes that show passion for comedy, and they are very similar to our yellow oak coloured contact lenses, so if you’re looking for some humor, you know where to come.

Last but not least, the American songwriter, singer and occasional actress Kelly Clarkson who has eyes to die for, and I absolutely love them, they are very light and may even be mistaken as green, but either way they are absolutely gorgeous. Her eye colour can be closely matched to our honey coloured contact lenses, they will surely suit everyone and anyone.

So as you can see we do have a variety of hazel coloured contact lenses, so do not worry about matching or looking good in them because I can personally assure you will find a pair of coloured contact lenses here at MesmerEyez that will be perfect for you!



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