Grey Eyes!

Grey eyes, like green eyes are not very common. They have a similar structure to blue eyes and some scientists even argue that grey eyes are very light blue eyes. Well, whatever the argument may be, we here at MesmerEyez classify them as two different eye colours and so we obviously have two different collections of coloured contact lenses for them both. Let us explore who in this world is a part of that small population who has grey eyes!

Let us start with the famous, well known vampire diaries star Ian Somerhalder. He has clear, steel grey coloured eyes that are very piercing. They can be closely matched with our Tungsten grey coloured contact lenses, so If you know you want to have that fierce/confident look then be sure to try out our Tungsten grey coloured contact lenses.

Next up is the Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai who has those grey eyes everyone wants! Her eye colour in comparison to Ians’ and her eye colour can be closely matched to our pearl grey coloured contact lenses, so if you’re one of those who wants, then be sure to come and get here from MesmerEyez only.


Let us now look at the brilliant, very successful singer Katy Perry. Her eyes are very attractive and I know I love them! If you do too then be sure to check out our Platinum coloured contact lenses that are very similar to Katy Perrys’ eye colour.

So there you have it. If you want to be a part of those who have grey eyes do not hesitate in ordering some of our wonderful grey coloured contact lenses. You will love them!

Aqsa Mahmood
Aqsa Mahmood


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