Blue - 1 Day

If you have ever wondered how you would look with different coloured eyes, try our Illusions Blue Coloured Contacts.

Designed to give your eyes a moderate colour change. These innovative coloured contact lenses feature a star burst design and an outer ring whilst creating the illusion of bigger more glamorous eyes. 

If you want to switch your look for a night out or make a statement, these coloured contact lenses are the accessories that your need. These cosmetic coloured contact lenses are used in the fashion industry for their undisputed Quality and Comfort.


  • Sold as a pair
  • Wear for maximum of 8 hours
  • 45% water content
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive
  • Produced under ISO International Standards quality control
  • Manufactured in the UK