Blind White Contact Lenses

Dare to be different wearing our new novelty lens, perfect for a strong, striking look. 


  • Sold as a pair

  • Wear for maximum of 8 hours

  • 45% water content

  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline

  • Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive

  • Produced under ISO International Standards quality control

  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note: Wearing this lens would make your vision foggy but you can see through them.

Note: Contacts must be soaked and stored in a ‘MesmerEyez Cleaning Solution Kit’ before first use. We recommend all our customers add this product to their order.

Blind white contact lenses

Want to cause a real fright? Go with a set of Blind white contact lenses.

You’ll be a hit. You can’t miss wearing these freaky wonders.

Here is your ticket to Halloween heaven.

It’s the perfect way to get the perfect costume party outfit happening.

You’ll be scaring strangers and even freaking out your friends in a fun way.

The Answer to a Halloween costume is here

Looking to get everyone looking at you? Want to enjoy the fun of seeing people jump, shriek or run for the door? Pop in your set of Blind white contact lenses and get the party look started.

These haunting contacts are real heart-stoppers. Choose your victims carefully and watch out that you don’t freak yourself out in the mirror.

You’re going to have so much fun wearing these seriously spooky eyes.

Open your eyes and your mind

With the right Halloween costume contacts, you can be the creepiest or freakiest character at the party. There’s no need to worry about how you’re going to pull off a great costume, not when you colour your eyes in something like a pair of blind white contact lenses.

You won’t believe the transformation and how it brings out a world of imagination. A ghostly look is all the more haunting. A vampire or zombie costume has that extra zing!

It’s your chance to go with the wilder side of yourself and forget about all the worries and wonder if you’re going to look good. Trust us – you’re going to look great and have a great time wearing them.

What are you waiting for?

There’s an incredible range of coloured contacts at Colour Your Eyes.

You can get the best in everything from black out and blind white contact lenses to Wolf, Vampire and a whole heap of other quality Halloween lenses. One set will set your freaky side free.

The best part is, there all here – right now waiting for you!

Get your new set of coloured contacts online, anytime you want to get heads turning.

A picture perfect look is yours when you Colour Your Eyes.

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