Why White Out Contact Lenses Work Wonders

Why White Out Contact Lenses Work Wonders

November 20, 2019

Go full freak-out with White Out contact lenses 

It’s a hell of a lot of fun to get a bit freaky. It’s what Halloween and costume parties are all about.

There’s a wicked look that only White Out contact lenses can give you.

It’s not surprise to anyone that you will get shocked expressions when people see you in a pair of coloured lenses that don’t have any colour. Yes, that’s right – no colour, no iris, no natural shade at all. That’s the power of White Out contact lenses. It’s like you have a stun gun in your eyes.

Jaws drop, hearts stop and there is the endless sounds of people gasping, squealing and the occasional hyperventilation.

Why White Out is a wipe-out

When it comes to dressing up, you want to be in the top league not just one of the crowd. It can take a lot of effort or a lot of imagination to really get a great outfit working.

Whether people admit it or not, there’s some stiff competition out there and even though you might admire someone’s fantastic fancy-dress costume, deep down you can often wish you’d thought of it. The great thing about White Out contact lenses is how they transform you into a freaky character and transform any outfit into something out of this world.

This is where your Zombie get up is going to get seriously zombified. A deathly look of a witch, devil, demon or vampire gets super chilling with white out contacts in.

You will look like you’ve spent up big time with these little wonders working their magic for you.

Who is that?

You might not want to steal all the attention at the Halloween or fancy dress party, but it is probably going to happen.

When you’re wearing White Out contact lenses, you have to be prepared.

  1. You will scare some people
  2. You will be the talk of the party
  3. You might cop a bit of jealousy for a great look
  4. You might get asked more than once where you got ‘those eyes’
  5. You could scare yourself if you forget you’re wearing them

It’s easy to see what an impact you can have wearing coloured contacts but there’s something about White Out contact lenses that takes that freaky look to a whole new level and then some.

Remember that you will get a bit of a shock to your system the first time you see your eyes all whited out in the mirror. It is kooky and spooky just how wacky you will look.

Look out for the best White Outs

Once you’ve seen the wow factor that white out lenses bring it’s important to look for quality contacts. Like any coloured contacts, there are some really great lenses and some who, well, you can turn a blind eye to. 

Getting coloured contacts based purely on the cheapest price comes with more than a little danger.

There are some seriously bad coloured contacts out there and ones that shouldn’t be sold to the public – end of story.

Look for coloured contact lenses that have passed a proper quality control check and tick the right boxes with how they’re made and things like a high water contact.

You’ve probably heard some horror stories about those cheap and nasty coloured contacts and how it has all ended badly for the person wearing them. Don’t let yourself be sucked in.

Go with a brand and supplier that backs up their products with professional certification and offers a refund if you need it. That gives you peace of mind because they are willing to back the quality of their lenses and not leave you in the lurch.

The Best White Out contact lenses out there

If you want to know where to get the top White Out contact lenses, just remember the name Colour Your Eyes. 

You know you’re getting UK made, EU quality certified coloured contact lenses with a 45% water content and produced under ISO International standards. And the best reviews are always the real ones. Check out the Trust Pilot reviews.

Whether it’s White Out, Black Out, Naturals, Halloween and more – all the great coloured contacts are in the one great range and ready for you. 

All you have to do is Colour Your Eyes.

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